Words Matter

If getting my kids ready for school is any indication, there are many things in life we can’t control. However, there are often simple steps we can take to take back a little control in our lives. I know you may think it silly but how we refer to the items and places in our spaces matters. As the Car Talk guys used to say, the harder you slam the car door the more you hate your car. This same principle applies to your house. If you call your dwelling a dump or refer to the living room as a disaster, over time the words will turn into deep set feelings. No area of the house is this phenomena more clearly demonstrated than the so called Junk Drawer. Most people call the kitchen junk drawer the junk drawer as reflex and over the years the name has become ingrained in the American vernacular tradition in the same we call all tissues Kleenex. My suggestion would be to start refereeing to the drawer in your kitchen that is filled with all manner of items as the Utility Drawer. I would also limit the contents to only the tools you use frequently, usually one hammer, screwdriver and tape measure. Take out any medicine or health items as they always get crushed. Also, leave a reasonable amount of office items such as one pair of scissors and one roll of tape. Lastly, the kids always need batteries so don’t forget those. If we are able to pick up the new habit of calling it the Utility Drawer then we will more comfortable not only using it more but trusting that the item you are looking for will be found inside and easily accessed.