Guest Post - Limit Artificial Light in the Evening to Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

From bright sunshine to the light from a computer screen, we’re surrounded by different types of light which impact our lives in many ways.

Exposure to natural, outdoor light during the day has a positive effect on your health, whereas prolonged exposure to artificial lighting, especially at night, can have negative effects on your mood and general well-being.

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Guest Post - Home Redecorating Tips & Advice for Empty Nesters

Your kids have spread their wings and flown, leaving you with an empty nest and plenty of mixed emotions. While you are probably happy to see your teens embarking on their own lives, seeing their empty bedrooms on a daily basis can leave you feeling quite lonely.

Look on the bright side, though. With your kids out of the house, you finally have the extra space for that study, home office, craft room, or guest bedroom you’ve been longing for. Transforming a no-longer-used childhood bedroom into a brand-new space makes it much easier to process your emotions and enjoy being an empty nester. Here are a helpful home redecorating tips and some advice on how to transform the spaces in your once-bustling home.

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Guest Post - Senior’s Guide to Decluttering

Whether your loved one is planning to downsize or simply declutter, tossing personal belongings can be challenging. There are all kinds of benefits to downsizing in your golden years — lower energy bills, a smaller space to clean and maintain, and the potential of moving closer to family. However, many seniors struggle to let go of the memories that have accumulated over the years. You can help your senior loved one transition smoothly by planning in advance, staying organized, and honoring their feelings throughout the process.

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Guest Post - Seven Essential Tips for Managing a Long-Distance Move with Kids

Moving can be one of the most stressful activities you can undertake in your lifetime. This is particularly true if it is the first time you are moving, if you have a lot of items, if you are moving a long distance, or if you are moving with a family. Combine any of these things, and that just exacerbates the stress you can feel undertaking this task.

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