Guest Post - How to Organize a Low-Maintenance Green Backyard

Saving and protecting the environment finally got its place in the spotlight. People are increasingly becoming more aware of the impact – both positive and negative – their actions have on the environment, which is why the majority has started to lean towards completely embracing the green mindset. And what better place to start embracing all things green than your backyard?

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Guest Post - Smart Storage Solutions for a Productive Home Office

Storage space is a crucial element of any productive, full-fledged home office. If you ask me, it is quite difficult to be organized while your work environment is in disarray. Ideally, you have a whole separate room set up as an office, but even then there are some practical challenges to tackle. The good news is that there is no shortage of smart and creative solutions that keep clutter and mess at bay. You do not even have to break the bank to make a difference. So, here is how to turn your office work-ready.

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Guest Post - How to Unlock Your Child's Organizational Skills

Kids probably aren’t the first demographic you think of when you hear the words “neat” and “tidy” – but that still doesn’t mean that you and your kids must accept chaotic mess as a daily reality! The stress of living in a disorderly family home can have hugely detrimental effects on a child’s development, not to mention your sanity as a parent: and since it’s entirely possible to rear conscientious and tidy little people, why not start now?

Since it can be difficult to know which strategies to implement to best encourage your child to unlock their organizational skills, we’ve gathered the best tips on how to start for you below. Just keep reading!

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Guest Post - How to Baby Proof Your Kitchen Efficiently

Babies are so playful and curious, right? It’s very cute to watch how they do naughty things and play around with their environment.

However, the cute could quickly turn into dangerous, especially in the kitchen where there are many sharp, toxic, and hot items and appliances that could seriously injure your baby.

So how do you baby-proof your kitchen efficiently?

Fortunately, there are quite many things you could do for that. And we’ll be talking today exactly about that!

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Guest Post - Learn to Be Organized: 5 Tips for Creating an Effective Home Maintenance Plan

It’s no secret that owning a home brings on a lot more responsibility than renting: if something breaks down, no landlord will come to fix the problem – you’re on your own. This includes keeping the home clean and well-maintained all year round. By now, your mortgage lender, realtor, and your mother have told you how important it is to have a well-kept home, and the Internet’s told you a million ways to do it. Let’s sum it up into an effective yearly plan.

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