Guest Post - Ways to a Wise Budget During Home Renovation

Instead of buying a new house, there is a lot of good reasons to stay in the comfort of your current home and call for a space renovation. The budget for a home renovation project is nothing compared to the cost of a new house purchase. It also saves you and your family from the hassle of house moving. Make the most of a house renovation project, whether major or minor scale, by planning your budget wisely. Here are a few helpful tips to remember:

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Guest Post - Five Effective Ways To Clean Your Mattress

When you are dead tired after a long day and your body is craving some good sleep, all you want to do is sink into your mattress and lull away to dreamland. But, do you know that your night’s sleep depends on how well you take care of your mattress. All-night perspiration, dead skin cells, dust, and dirt can become a breeding ground for mites and bed bugs that disturb your sleep.

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Guest Post - 10 Undeniably Useful Tips for First-Time Airbnb Hosts

Renting out your free room or property via Airbnb can be a very lucrative business for you. That is if you know what you’re doing.

Since there are a lot of travelers nowadays, a lot of them likely want to find affordable accommodation. This explains why Airbnb is such a strong competition against hotels and resorts.

On that note, if you’re new to the Airbnb hosting game, then you can try and read the ten tips listed below to find out how you can get that “Super Host” badge.

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Interview - Repair Cafe


As organizers we spend a of time dealing with things that don’t work anymore. Our clients have a difficult time making decisions regarding these items because sometimes they are expensive or belonged to a beloved family member. However, the days of being able to take your coffee maker or small appliance to a repair shop seem to have disappeared. We are pleased to be able to find a possible alternative. We spoke with Virginia Walton at Connecticut’s Repair Cafe to discuss new solutions.

For the busy person, what is Repair Cafe?

The Repair Café is a volunteer event where people who are skilled in fixing items gather together. Anyone can drop in with an item that needs repair. It is a free event so money is not a barrier. Most of the time items are fixed.

How does the process work?


A person brings in the item that needs repair. They register and wait their turn. While waiting, there are refreshments available. When a repair person is available they can participate in the repair or watch and learn something about the repair. The only thing that is not free is if the person needs a part in order to make the repair. They may be directed as to where they can purchase the part locally.

Where can I find a Cafe?

In Connecticut, the City of Middletown has offered a Repair Café twice now, in collaboration with the Rockfall Foundation and I coordinate a Repair Café in Willimantic 4 times per year. I have attached the 2020 flyer. Repair Café US has a Facebook page.

What can be repaired?


Depends on the skills of the volunteers. In the Willimantic Repair Café, we repair electrical and electronic items, small wooden furniture, bicycles, clothing. Knives and tools are sharpened. Some repair cafes might have volunteers skilled in repairing jewelry or books.

 What is the most interesting item your group has repaired?

The most adorable repair that I made was sewing a teddy bear’s ear back on. The little girl helped me with the repair and she was thrilled!

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Guest Post - House Extension Ideas: 5 Great Tips to Max Out Your Space Effectively

There comes a time when your old house isn't suitable anymore for your family's needs. Most people solve this problem by packing their bags and moving. But if we take into consideration all the effort, lost time and the very fact you are rooting out your family and throwing it into unknown, isn’t it much more convenient to simply expand your current house? Well, yes and no. Let us first take a look at the positives.

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