Guest Post - Simple Guide to Setting Up Your Home Office in a Small Space

One of the greatest blessings in the age of technology is the comfort it has afforded us in terms of remote working. In the present design of work teams, people are increasingly communicating using technology media and software. Therefore, the shift to remote work is palpable. In tandem with this trend, more and more people are now inclined to create offices within their homes. 

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Guest Post - How to Puppy-Proof Your Home & Backyard

Getting a new puppy is one of the most exciting times in life for just about anyone. There is almost nothing better than bringing a new dog into your home and making them a new member of the family. But before the time comes to bring in your new furry friend, it is crucial to make sure your home and backyard are ready. Much like babies, puppies will find a way to get into anything and everything. By going around and making sure everything is nice, safe, and welcoming, you will also make sure that your puppy stays safe and happy.

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Guest Post - 6 Designer Tips for a Comfortable and Cozy Home

Having a home where you can relax and not have to worry about a thing is something many home dwellers have strived to achieve. 

Regardless of the size of your house, a slight change in the décor of your home can greatly influence your emotions. Which means that giving your home a makeover, with items that are appealing and soothing for one’s eyes, can enhance the positive feelings of anyone being surrounded by that ambience. 

If you too wish to have the best comforts provided by your house, let us assist you. Below we have written some of the tips that can help you create a home where comfort and coziness are in full bloom. 

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Guest Post - Homeware Ideas for a Luxe Dining Experience

If you like to indulge in luxury dining at home and enjoy hosting dinner parties to impress your guests then you need to think carefully about your dining room décor and how you decorate your dining table ready for when they arrive. 

You can be incredibly creative with your homeware on the dining table to make it look stunning, so try a variety of colors and styles, depending on the food you are serving and the season outside. There are so many options it can become confusing but making the best impression on your family members and dinner guest is not that hard. 

For this post we asked our friends from to give us their ideas on how to achieve a luxe dining experience. 

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Guest Post - Interior Design Inspiration: Color in Nature 2019

Popularity seems to change all the time. Color trends are no different. Sky blue colors might be very popular one year. Then suddenly natural colors and earth tones seem to become a much more popular choice. That’s the situation going on in 2019, because natural earth colors are all the rage these days.

What constitutes earth tones? Well, your typical clay colors, purple, green, and brown definitely fit the bill. But to be more specific, there are various shades and color palettes that make up the beautiful natural colors that so many people seem to be keen on this year.

Which natural earth tones are the trendiest in 2019? If you’d like to learn the answer to this question, we suggest you keep reading to discover the most popular examples of the natural colors everyone is gravitating toward right now.

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How to Choose the Right Organizer for Me

Professional Organizing companies are a fairly new phenomenon. Thanks in part to the TV series HOARDERS and Marie Kondo, the public is now aware that there are trained specialists that can help them take control of their living and work environment. However, you do not need to be a hoarder to reap the benefits of hiring a professional organizer. By decluttering and organizing your house you will be able to find what you are looking for with ease and eliminate repurchasing items, thereby making you less stressed and more productive at home and work.

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