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Read what our clients have to say about our decluttering & organizing services:

“Fantastic company! Ben, Kathleen and Linda were professional, honest, hardworking and amazing at organizing! I had been putting off the daunting task of cleaning out the basement and garage of all the 'stuff' that can accumulate in a family home. I found House to Home Organizing online and their website and reviews motivated me to give them a call. Ben called me back that afternoon, and at the first appointment, we went over the plan which the team implemented immediately. By the end of the third appointment I had a clutter free garage, completely organized back basement with labeled bins in storage shelves and a finished full basement ready for a new life (other than a load free zone!) Don't hesitate to give them a call. They truly are amazing!” - Claudia C. Stamford, CT

“Thank you, H2H for being so thoughtful and kind. I am very impressed with the performance, pleasant personality and the trust that was established from the very beginning with the three of you.  All your guidance and decision making throughout the process was just perfect, your expertise comes through from the get go. I really appreciate all your time and work, I will always remember this experience and how glad I was to choose your business.” - Cristina A., New Haven, CT

"Working with Ben, Linda and Kathleen was working with true professionals! They understand the dynamics of the job and most importantly the people who need their assistance." - AMK, Fairfield, CT

“Have you ever thought your garage felt serene? Yeah, neither did I until Ben Soreff, in just more than an hour, created order out of the chaos that was my garage. Without getting rid of anything (that comes later), he systematized everything - weather, sports, garden, random family-of-four items - into a coherent order. Everything now has a clear and accessible place, making it easy to maintain. Best of all, my car now easily fits where I used to struggle finding room for a bike. So, yes, I now have my zen spot, and it’s right where my chaos used to be. If you want persistent results, hire this man!”
– Ben O., Norwalk, CT

“Linda is the BEST! My son went to college and I was totally overwhelmed with the clutter that he left behind, both in his room and the garage. There was sports equipment everywhere, and many of his collectibles and baseball cards were left behind. I didn’t think my house had a place for all of these items – let alone the space. Linda helped me to sort, organize, and find homes for my son’s valuables. There is no way I would have been able to clean and organize without her calm and efficient manner. She’s patient, kind, and incredibly logical with her organizational skills. I cannot thank her enough for her help. I will definitely be using Linda again when it comes to cleaning and organizing my home. SUCH a life saver!!!”
- Janet B., Fairfield, CT

“I had lived in my condo for two years but never felt settled in or frankly even unpacked. I knew I needed a push to finally get things organized but didn’t feel comfortable about having someone go through my stuff. Ben was amazing; he really put me at ease and was able to tackle all my ‘trouble spots’ in no time. The process I was dreading actually turned out to be fun.”
- Sarah T., Trumbull, CT

"We have lived in our house for over 20 years and accumulated many "treasures" over that time. When our children moved out after college we were overwhelmed trying to sort through all of the stuff that was left behind. We realized we needed help and called House to Home Organizing. The staff was punctual and extremely professional.  Throughout the process they were resourceful and creative while very caring and respectful. What started out as an anxiety provoking situation turned out to be a very pleasurable and rewarding experience. I would highly recommend House to Home Organizing for any of your moving or organizational needs. I know I won't hesitate to call them again when the need arises."                                                                                                                                                                - Deb V., Fairfield, CT

“Ben is a life saver. My place was out of control and I just could not relax in my own house. Ben transformed everything making it beautiful and functional. He not only improved my home but my life.”
– Nikki T., White Plains, NY

"Linda B. is the epitome of patience and organization!  She is extremely calm in the face of the most challenging projects.  We look forward to getting disorganized again so she can return to our home!"                                                 - Ellen R., Fairfield, CT