Guest post: 3 Kid-Friendly Fridge Storage and Organization Solutions You Should Know About

Fridge storage and organization can get pretty tricky at times, but when you throw a couple of hungry kids into the mix, you have a real situation on your hands. Before you turn to the pros for storage solutions, here are 3 quick and easy storage and organization solutions you can try out to make your fridge kid-friendly!


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Keep the snacks at their eye level

Want to avoid a big mess in the fridge? Store your kids’ snacks and drinks at their eye level. To give your kids easy access, keep the snacks and drinks on a shelf that is low enough for them to reach and make sure they’re kept in the front of the fridge.

To up your fridge storage game, you can even store each snack in a separate bin or container - simply head over to the dollar store to get these special fridge storage containers. If the kids know that the low shelf is their special snack section, they won’t rummage around the fridge to get what they want!

For older kids who are looking for a big bite, make sure your leftovers are in glass containers and kept in a visible area. The great thing about glass containers is that they are dishwasher and microwave friendly, so you don’t have to worry about them using the wrong container for the microwave and it can reduce cleanup time by eating in one container!

Make sure breakables are out of reach

Another fridge storage solution is to move the breakables out of the way - things like eggs and glass containers should be moved to the shelves that are higher up and towards the back to make sure your kids can’t get to them. The same theory applies to food that you don’t want the kids to eat - the higher up, the better!

Hide unhealthy food the smart way

Want to hide unhealthy food like ice cream and popsicles from the kids? Simply put them in old food containers and bags they would never think to open! You can store ice cream or a bag of popsicles in a resealable bag of frozen veggies as a storage solution. Out of sight, out of mind - as long as they can’t see it, they won’t eat it!

So there you have it, 3 quick and easy storage and organization hacks for your fridge! The next time you go grocery shopping, you can store and organize your food the smart way!

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