The Summer/Winter Swap

Lego Storage

Yesterday I came downstairs to find the boys playing Lego. I'm actually not sure if they were playing or simply trying to cover every square inch of the first floor in tiny plastic building blocks. After I successfully navigated to the kitchen without stepping on any Lego. I thought about the last time the kids used the Lego. I concluded it had been awhile since they are usually outside enjoying the warm weather. This got me thinking about the Summer/Winter swap.

A basic tenant of organizing is that the things we don't use often should be stored more remotely. During winter not only do we need cold weather clothes but we also may put out holiday decorations. This means it is time for our summer items to take a backseat, no matter how much we wish we were somewhere that required a beach umbrella. In a perfect world we would snap our fingers and our seasonal items would disappear. Assuming we don't know magic the summer items need to be swapped out for winter ones.

Clear bins work well for warm weather clothes, sports, beach or BBQ items. While packing take a few moments to donate or toss any item that is in disrepair or that the kids may have outgrown. Also be careful of packing outdoor items as they may have sand, dirt or even mud that will need to be cleaned before sitting for four months. 

Another added benefit of the summer/winter swap is that it allows us to set up clear and easily recognizable areas for different categories. If you have an attic, basement or garage these areas are perfect for remote storage. By having a home for everything you know what you have leading up to the seasonal swap.