Interview - Campus Quilt Company

Our clients are always asking us what to do with their vast number of old t-shirts, so we asked Megan with the Campus Quilt Co. for some solutions.  

Campus Quilt Company

For busy homeowners, how would you explain Campus Quilt?

Campus Quilt takes all of those sentimental items that are just taking up space in a closet and transforms them into something homeowners can use every day, a custom t shirt quilt! We understand the difficulty of parting with so many special t shirts, which is why we love transforming them into something brand new that holds all of those wonderful memories in one place. 

What is the process, how do people get you the T-shirts?

To start the process, you can go on-line to or call us at 502-968-2850 to place the order. We will take a $100 deposit per quilt and email you a design kit. We will charge the remaining balance when your quilt is complete. The kit will include an order form, some instruction sheets, and an optional layout guide. The customer is then responsible for printing off the order form and shipping the shirts to us. We ship via UPS, but customers can use whatever mailing service they prefer. However, free return shipping is included with the final payment of the quilt. 

Is there a limit, any concerns about cleanliness or stains?

Not at all! Some customers prefer that we cut out stains so they are not included in the quilt, while others love the shirt because of the stain, and ask that we ensure it is included. We do ask that customers wash the shirts before sending them, but we can certainly work with shirts that have stains. For older shirts that are particularly thin, we can always add backing material (usually extra t shirt material) to ensure that the shirt is strong enough to endure the quilting process. 

Campus Quilt Company Pillows

Are there other products available in addition to quilts?

In addition to quilts, we also offer t-shirt tote bags (using 1-2 shirts), small pillows (1-2 shirts), and large pillows (4-8 shirts). 

Can people use items other than t-shirts?

We are certainly able to use a variety of materials! Essentially, we can use any material that we can get a needle through! 

You must see a ton of either ugly or amazing t-shirts, any projects that stand out?

I may be a little biased, but I love every quilt we complete! Some of my favorites are the ones made from baby clothes! 

Campus Quilt Baby Blanket