Guest Post - 7 Ways for Filling your Home with Positive Energy


Did you know that your home can have a big effect on your mood? Being in a place full of positive vibes and energy can benefit both your body and mind. When we and our children are surrounded by things that we find comforting and pleasing, we tend to feel happy about life. On the other hand, being in a home filled with negative vibes can trigger bad memories and easily bring you down. Instead of letting your home become a negative place, let’s take a look at 7 ways for filling your home with positive vibes.


De-clutter your house today and get rid of various items that no longer have much use in your home. By doing this, you and your kids will feel much more comfortable and happier. The truth is that cluttered spaces create stress and nothing helps more to bring positive vibes in your home than reducing waste and clutter. There are many effective ways to de-clutter your home. For example, it is recommended to use multi-purpose products and always choose quality over quantity.

In those rare cases when you are just too busy to de-clutter your home yourself, you can always hire some help. If you have time, involve your family! Declutting a house together might be a great bonding experience, bringing you all together and instilling a sense of duty in your children.

Create Happy Memories at Your Home

Creating happy memories at your house is one of the best strategies to fill your home with positive energy. If you and your family travel a lot, print out pictures from these vacations and hang them on your shelf or your wall. By doing this, you’ll remind yourself of all those happy times. Think of other items that bring back cheerful experiences and put them in your home.

Introduce More Plants

House Plants

Introducing plants is one of the best ways to increase the oxygen levels in your home. Fill your living room with fresh flowers and potted plants to create more positive energy. Plants like jasmine, cactus, rosemary, orchids, and lavender in your home can help you experience nature indoors. Keep in mind that some plants require more attention than others. Therefore, it is important to choose something that you can look after on a regular basis.

Maintain an Organized Home

Maintaining an organized home is an important step in creating a positive atmosphere. Scrub off the greasy kitchen counters and dusty coffee tables. Get your kids to help by organizing books and accessories in a proper order. Repeating these actions at least once every two weeks will help preserve a positive interior atmosphere inside of your home.

Create a Space for Relaxation

Besides making your entire home an enjoyable place to live in, you and your family should also create a special space, room, or a corner just for relaxation. You can use this space for a variety of activities like practicing yoga, reading, meditation, or for anything else that can lift your spirits up and raise positive vibrations.

Let Fresh Air Flow in

Oxygen-deprived places can be really unpleasant and bring out all those negative vibes that you wish to avoid. The easiest way to increase the oxygen levels in your house is just to open your windows and let the fresh air flow in. Fresh air boosts energy levels, improves overall health and helps you sleep better.

Let There Be Light in Your Home

Artificial lighting is not that good for your home. It can cause insomnia, stress, and headaches. This is why it is important to open the curtains during the day and let in plenty of natural light. A home that is exposed to plenty of sunlight is a place you definitely want to live in.

The truth is that it’s really not that difficult to bring in positivity in your home and get rid of all the bad vibes. By following these simple steps, you and your kids will create a home packed with positive energy and awesome vibes.

Melanie Saunders is a blogger and content manager at 1300 Rubbish – experts in the field of rubbish and junk removal. Personally, a huge fan of sustainability and green living.