Guest Post - Tips for Planning Your Garden from Scratch


A garden brings out the elegance of a house. Along with the beauty that it portrays, it even reflects the creativity and dedication of the person who maintains it. If you have recently bought a house and this thinking of starting a garden, but have got no tips for starting a garden, then this is the best place you have come across. Though this article we can help you in giving ideas for planning your garden from scratch.

Plan What Kind of Garden You Want

When you start a garden from scratch, then the first thing you should think about is what kind of garden do you want.

Do you want an indoor garden?

Do you have enough space on the lawn to start a new garden?

What kind of plants do you want in your garden?

Do you want a vegetable garden, a herb garden or a flower garden?

What kind of layout do you want?

These questions are necessary to address before putting some action into building the garden.

Work Out With the Soil

After you have decided on a plan for building a garden, the next step in to check the soil, a garden should be preferably built on a ground which is fertile so that the plants have a long life. Even if the soil you are planning to start a garden is not fertile, then you can make the soil fertile by yourself.


To make the soil fertile by yourself, first, remove the weeds or unwanted elements from the ground. Then tilling is one option to bring out the fresh soil from the inside. After that, put a 3-inch layer of compost or organic matter over the soil and wait for at least a month to let it decompose. Keep digging or tilling the soil regularly so that the organic matter mixes up with the ground.

Pick Your Plants

Picking plants isn’t a hard job since you can do it with enough research from the internet or take the help from a person in the nursery. No matter what type of garden you have planned to build, it is important to remember that plants are either evergreen or perennial. It means that there are certain plants which grow around the year, while there are others which only grow in a particular season.

Moreover, before you pick up the plants, decide if you want seeds, sapling or full grown plants. Seeds will eventually take time to grow, but it is the best way to start a garden from scratch. You can observe the evolution of the plant in your garden.

If you choose for sapling or full-grown plants, then you must be sure about the kind of nutrition those plants needs and kind of soil it will grow on. Saplings would also need daily maintenance of the gardener, while a full grown plant would need less attention.

You must plant the plants according to their view or spaces within the garden so that the whole layout doesn’t get destroyed in seasons when a plant is not growing. Most people prefer evergreen plants for their garden which requires less maintenance. But for the ones who are passionate about gardening a can spend a lot of time into maintaining it, then you can go for perennial plants.

Water the Garden and Apply Mulch


Once you have picked your plants and have planted them according to your layout, start watering your plants daily. While watering your plants, you must pay attention to the sensitive plants which needs a specific amount of water, since some grow well in less water while some need more. This factor should also be kept in mind while planning the layout of the garden.

At last, cover the soil with a layer of mulch since it acts as a weed resistant agent. Mulch can be pine needles, cocoa hulls or even bark chips. Along with keeping weeds away, it even retains the water of the soil.


When one thinks about it, then starting a garden from scratch might seem like to be a tough job, but for the ones who are passionate about it, can do it in no time. Gardening is almost like taking care of a small child; you need to give it care, love and attention for it to grow beautifully.

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