Guest Post - How to Organize Your Bathroom


Morning person or not, having a well-organized bathroom can help ease any stress you’re experiencing. You can start your day right and get to work on time without having to rush out of the door every morning.

No matter how small, a bathroom is where most of us unwind after a long day’s work. Having a clutter-free space makes life so much easier. After an exhausting day at work, you can light some candles, open a bottle of wine, and run a nice hot bath.

Who wouldn’t want a calming space all to themselves?

If you need a little help with organizing your bathroom, you can follow these tips, and create your stress-free sanctuary.

Quick Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house. Compared to much larger rooms, it will be easier to organize. And when you’ve done so, it will be easier for you to clean.

Here’s how you can start organizing your bathroom:

Declutter: Take a good look at your bathroom. Find items that you don’t actually want or use, and dump them in the bin. The makeup products you’ve never opened and perfumes you never liked, you can give them all to charity.

Clear out the counter: Remove all unnecessary items from the counters. You can leave a few products that you actually use and bundle them together. Whether you use a tray or a wicker basket, your items should only take up a third of the space in your counter. This makes it easier for you when you’re getting ready.

Add organizers for extra storage space: Hang extra shelves on the walls. Add a few cabinets. You can gain so much storage space by using these organizers. These items can make your bathroom clutter-free and stylish at the same time.

Add a laundry bin: Place a laundry bin for your wet and dirty towels. This way, you won’t have to worry about towels on your bathroom floor. Also, it will make your laundry routine so much easier and quicker.

Use clear acrylic containers: You can easily find what you’re looking for when you store items in clear containers. The great thing about its design is that it’s versatile. No matter what theme you have going on, these will surely blend right in.

Label your drawers: Make it even easier for your family to find the items they need by adding labels on your drawers. Everyone’s morning routines can run smoothly with these labels in place. More importantly, labels make it easier for the family to maintain a well-organized space.

7 Bathroom Organizers

Having enough storage space is important for any bathroom. From modern ladder shelves to rolled-up towel racks, these are the most functional and fashionable ways to keep your bathroom organized.

Over-the-Toilet Shelves

Don’t have enough space for traditional cabinetry? No worries. You can add modern ladder shelves over the toilet to make the most out of the space you have. Depending on your shelf, you might be able to place a few rolls of toilet paper, towels, or a plant or two.

Corner Shelves

Whatever layout your bathroom has, corner shelves can fit perfectly in your space. You can store extra rolls of toilet paper on these shelves, and even a few plants and candles.

Cost: $27.99,

Rolled-Up Towel Racks

Make your bathroom clutter-free by adding rolled-up towel racks. Whenever you decide to switch up your décor, you can always transfer this to your kitchen. Your wine bottles can fit perfectly in the towel holders!

Functional Wall Décor

Consider getting a functional wall décor if your bathroom has enough space for it. It can hold your candles, bottles, toilet paper rolls, and potted plants, all while looking stylish.

Cost: $29.40,

Drawer Dividers

Use drawer dividers to keep all your things in place and prevent them from moving around. Your morning routine can run smoother, and you can make cleaning a whole lot easier.

Cost: $16.99,

Mason Jar Units

If there isn’t enough space in your drawers for your makeup brushes or your cotton balls, store them in mason jars. You can do a DIY project, or purchase one from Amazon.

Wicker Baskets

Do you have jute baskets that don’t fit in any of your cabinets? Well, place them on your walls! You can hang two baskets right above your toilet for easier access to those toilet paper rolls.

Cost: $9.99,

How to Organize the Shower and Bathtub


Showers and bathtubs aren’t always the easiest areas to organize, especially if you live in an old house that’s yet to be modernized. That’s because a lot of these tubs and shower spaces weren’t built with storage in mind.

As mentioned, you can always use organizers to add extra storage space. You can use corner shelves to keep essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, and soap within reach.

How to Organize the Sink and Countertops

To keep the counter organized, you can place items closest to where they are used. For instance, hand soap should be next to the sink for easier access. You can place your items in a tray to keep everything neat. If you need more space, you can have mason jar units on your walls.

Author Bio: Nicole Andrews is the marketing manager for in Sydney, Australia. With a background in interior design, she enjoys writing about the latest industry trends. In her spare time, she walks her dog Rusco down at Bondi Beach.