A New Way to Celebrate

Linda offers insight and suggestions regarding holiday giving.


As Mother’s Day just past and Father’s Day approaching next month, we celebrate the special women and men who influence our lives. These days can be filled with family, flowers and may center around brunch or dinner. However, for some it can be a difficult time. Maybe some have recently lost their mother or father? Maybe they have lost a child? The question always arises as to how to acknowledge the day appropriately for everyone. If thinking of giving a gift, how to give a meaningful one? As with every holiday, we are constantly bombarded by the media as to what gifts to give. For Mother’s Day the media suggests flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, jewelry, a new kitchen appliance, etc… Flowers, although pretty to look at, do not last long, chocolate covered strawberries are delicious but consumed quickly, jewelry is expensive, and who needs a new baking sheet to sit in your cabinet with four others already there!

Being professional organizers, we see many gifts that are given and not used. New mixing bowls in boxes, jewelry never worn, clothes with tags and candles never burnt to name a few. We cannot stress enough the idea of GIVING EXPERIENCES or DONATING TO A CHARITY as opposed to purchasing "stuff". How about a gift card to a restaurant, concert or sporting event? For all you moms out there, wouldn’t a one-hour reflexology foot rub session be glorious?

As a mother of three adult children, this year I received the best gifts yet. A lovely pop-up card from lovepop.com, with a beautiful sentiment inside. The card is from the heart and as a professional organizer I love that it takes up very little space! I can easily save it as a keepsake and unlike real flowers it doesn’t wilt and therefore no need to be tossed!


My other incredible gift was a donation in my name to in International Rescue Committee, rescue.org. The donation is for a newborn baby kit for new moms in Zimbabwe. The kit comes filled with clothing, baby soap, diapers and other newborn necessities. How awesome that we have the ability to help less fortunate moms on the other side of the world using our fingertips!

So when you are planning your next holiday, instead of “stuff” maybe think out of the box. Experiences and charities will make for less clutter in your life, and make for more meaningful and memorable gifts. From House to Home Organizing, we wish you all a relaxing and peaceful Mother’s & Father's Day weekends.