Guest Post - Door Locks: Rekeying Vs. Replacing

Door Lock

If you’re experiencing any problems with your lock, it’s better not to risk your safety and the safety of your property. Simple rekeying or lock replacement can solve all of your lock issues in the blink of an eye, but how do you know which one you need? Here’s a guide that will clear your doubts.


If you decide to rekey your lock, here’s what you can expect. Your locksmith will open the lock, remove old pins and springs in the lock and install new ones that respond to a different key. Most locks can be rekeyed, unless you have a very specialized lock or some malfunctioning parts.

The most common reason why people opt for rekeying is to retire an old key if they moved in a new place and want to be the only key holders, if they lost a key and worry someone will find it or they want to prevent a key-holder from entering.

If you have several locks in your home that work with a different key and you want all of them to have one key, you might want to have your locks rekeyed. However, in order for the process to work, you must have locks of the same brand and lock that have the same type of keyholes. For instance, if your key won’t even fit into a lock (let alone unlock it), it means that the keyways are not the same and they can’t be matched.

Key pins that get replaced in the process of rekeying are super cheap, so rekeying is usually very affordable. Most experts only charge the labor when rekeying, but if you opt for lock replacing, expect to be billed both for the parts and the labor.

Another thing to keep in mind with rekeying is that it won’t improve your security. As long as your locksmith replaces your 5 old pins with 5 new pins, your lock will remain essentially the same, but it will work with a different key. If you want to boost your security, you’ll need to change your lock to a better and sturdier model.

In order to perform rekeying, your locksmith will need your current key. But, you can always ask your locksmith to pick the lock open in case you get locked out and most experts can do that very quickly. They can open all sorts of locks, from your regular door locks to restricted key systems and electronic locks, so don’t worry about any complications. This service is very useful if you really don’t want to replace your current lock, so it’s great to keep in mind.


Door Lock

There are circumstances that can’t be solved with rekeying, but they require lock replacement. Like everything else, locks wear down and can’t be improved with simple rekeying.

If you want to improve the security of your property, you might want to replace your regular locks with high-quality locking hardware. But, other times, people just want to spice things up aesthetically and need a new lock design and color. For instance, if you just moved into a new place, you might want to invest in new, better-looking locks. Also, some locks are easier to operate (most people prefer lever handle locks over knobs.)Obviously, rekeying won’t help here.

Also, if you have various locks in your home and they all respond to a different key, you might want to improve the practicality and make them all work with one key. In that case, you might need to change some of the models and create a uniformed look before you can rekey them to one key. Lock replacement is also more expensive, because you’ll be paying for the lock itself and the labor.

AS you can see, each process has its advantages and disadvantages. Now you are much closer to knowing which solution will fit your needs before you contact your locksmith to get that problem solved.

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