Guest Post - 10 Undeniably Useful Tips for First-Time Airbnb Hosts


Renting out your free room or property via Airbnb can be a very lucrative business for you. That is if you know what you’re doing.

Since there are a lot of travelers nowadays, a lot of them likely want to find affordable accommodation. This explains why Airbnb is such a strong competition against hotels and resorts.

On that note, if you’re new to the Airbnb hosting game, then you can try and read the ten tips listed below to find out how you can get that “Super Host” badge.

Be responsive to inquiries

First things first, your guests are likely going to have several questions before deciding whether to book your space or not. Thus, make sure that you respond as soon and as concise as possible.

Remember to have patience when it comes to receiving repetitive questions. Believe me, hearing the same question over and over is something that you will encounter once you have your place listed on Airbnb.

Nonetheless, being an accommodating host will be something that your guests will appreciate and will reflect on your reviews.

Produce great photos of your unit

When people are browsing Airbnb rental, the photos are what attracts them the most. Therefore, you should invest in high-quality images of your space to catch the eye of your potential guests.

A quick note on the photos: Only take pictures of your space and the amenities that come with it.

A lot of Airbnb hosts tend to upload brochures or images of their front door, which some guests deem irrelevant.

Be honest

Although marketing your rental is an excellent way of getting more guests, that doesn’t mean that you should fabricate it. Doing so can bite you back when the reviews come.

Make sure that you don’t embellish your space’s description so that you could entice the guests.

Highlight the key features of your space instead. For example, you own a studio unit, but it comes with an ergonomic design that provides the guests with a lot of storage.

Don’t forget to caption each photo appropriately so that people know what to expect with your rental.

Get organized

Once you get the ball rolling, you’re going to end up with bookings after bookings. So if you’re not used to things, then you might lose valuable guests or get negative reviews.

This is why you must organize the bookings that you receive. Make sure that you make enough time to clean up and prepare the rental for a good turnover.

You wouldn’t want your next guest to come into your rental only to find that it’s messy and have traces of the previous guests.

Set some house rules

One way to avoid taking a long time trying to tidy up your Airbnb for the next guest is by setting up house rules.

These rules will ensure that nothing terrible happens to your rental while other people are occupying your space. At the same time, your guests know what their limits are when they’re staying in your place.

Although these rules aren’t set in stone, it still helps your guests know what your expectations are.

Add personality to your space

To make your Airbnb listing stand out from the rest, you should find a way to add some personality to your rental.

One way to do that is through how you decorate your entire space. Sticking to a single theme will help.

Although it’s important to add personality to your space, make sure that you don’t add any personal memorabilia in it. Not only will it feel a bit like the guests are intruding on someone else’s place, but there’s no guarantee that your memorabilia will be safe.

Ensure your space is squeaky clean

Ensuring that your space is clean is one of the most basic rules of renting out your space on Airbnb.

Cleanliness is the first thing that your guests will notice. If you don’t end up keeping a clean Airbnb, your guests will have a bad impression of the space, no matter how great your decor or interior design is.

You should consider short-term cleaning services and establish a relationship with a reliable service provider so that you get efficient with your turnover.

Fix potential hazards

You want your guests to stay at your place without any worries. You also want to let guests stay at your space without worrying whether or not they had to deal with some hazardous parts of your space.

Whether you have any exposed wiring or you have a leaky faucet, make sure that you address these immediately.

Engage with your guests

As their host, you should be welcoming without being too nosy about their personal space. You want to be as helpful as possible without having too much direct involvement.

You can do that by leaving special gifts that your guests can use during their stay. Each guest is different, so try and feel out how much involvement they may want from you.

Ask guests for their feedback

Before your guest leaves and checks out for the day, try and tell them to leave a review for your rental. As well as their overall experience with you.

The more reviews you get with as much detail as possible, the better it is for you and your success as an Airbnb host.

There are a lot of simple changes and tips that new Airbnb hosts can keep in mind. Not to mention that it can significantly improve how you can manage your listings. At the end of the day, as long as you keep a well-maintained property and respond to guests promptly and adequately, you should be fine.

About the Author - Jacky Xu is the Chief Operating Officer for, an Airbnb cleaning service provider in New York. Maid Sailors provide a wide range of cost-effective, yet high-quality cleaning services that are sure to delight their customers.