Interview - Vertical Spice

spice rack

One of our most requested services is kitchen organizing. There are some tried and true strategies when dealing with a kitchen. However, for people that love to cook and bake volume can be an issue. Structures are important when organizing especially in the kitchen and pantry. We spoke with Scott Miedtke from Vertical Spice about possible solutions.

For the busy person, what is Vertical Spice?


Vertical Spice is Cabinet Organization Simplified.  We offer a line of patented Spice Rack and Storage Drawers in a variety of sizes to allow the end user to custom create their own organization answer.  Our full extension ball-bearing drawers with clear fronts and elastic sides enable the user to quickly find and access any container to the full depth of their cabinet.  We combine 5 drawer widths, 5 base widths, 3 depths and 2 material finishes to create over 60 products.  The different units can either stand alone or be placed side-by-side to create a single shelf or whole cabinet organization.  With our units, you no longer have to remove or tip-over the containers at the front to get to the hidden flavors in the back.  All our units are individual drawers bringing the whole cabinet out to you.

What are some of you most popular products and why?

The 222x2x11 Spice Racks are our largest sellers, about 40% of our 80,000 total units shipped to date.  The single unit has three 2” wide drawers, two tiers tall and holds 30 standard 2” diameter spice containers in just a 7” wide x 12” tall x 10.6” deep space.  The unit is a great way to conveniently store many spices in a small area.  The 33x1x11 unit is our second most popular unit.  It has two 3.25” wide drawers and is great for organizing over-sized spice containers or oils and vinegars.  We have drawer units up to 6.7” wide that give flexibility to storing and accessing the ever-changing containers in the users collection.

Is there anything someone needs to know before ordering?


We have a very good tool on our site to aid in selecting the units for your custom solution.  Visit the “Self Help Product Selector” and enter your space’s dimensions. The Cabinet Designer shows the units that will fit in your space. You select one unit at a time, the list of units remaining are the only ones able to fit in your remaining space, keep selecting until the space is filled, or remove units and start again. Remember, you are measuring to find the largest "Box" you could slide in and out of your cabinet space without catching on a door hinge or cabinet frame.

How does installation work?

Installation is very simple.  All you need is a Philips screwdriver and you can mount the units to your cabinet or shelf.  Align the units in the cabinet as desired, then pull the drawer out to see the base.  Screw the supplied self-taping screws into place and you are done.  All drawers are easily removed and reattached to aid in install and cleaning.

What is you favorite spice?

Cayenne pepper is a go to for me.  It adds a little heat, but I also like the way it enhances flavors.