Guest Post - The 7 tools you need to start DIY home renovation

DIY’s are difficult. But a right set of tools and equipment will help you in making the job easy. Hardware tools are the best investment in case you are a DIY fan.

Here are 7 tools you must have in your toolbox to start a DIY home renovation.

Japanese Cat’s Paw

Cats paw Hammer

The Japanese cat’s paw is a hammer that is an extremely handy tool used for removing nails from the wood. This is expensive yet a must-have tool. The hammer consists of two claws that are needed for convenience. It is also a great help when it comes to putting up hoops. This is an extremely useful tool to speed things up.

Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill

Invest in a good cordless drill as it is light and contains less toxic batteries which are quick to charge and long lasting. A cordless drill will be very useful for any renovation project in your house. Good control of the trigger is necessary to allow you to quickly switch from fast to slow drilling. Also, make sure your drill has a light for drilling in dark places in your house.



Pliers are the most useful tools you will ever own. Pliers are good at holding wires tight in a place. They are made in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are used for gripping things while some are used for twisting wires. Some are used in a combination of both. There are also certain pliers that are used to cut wires. The long nose pliers and diagonal cutting pliers are appropriate for home DIYs. They help is bending wires, making hoops, removing pins and nails and reaching awkward places.

Tool Pouch

tool bag

Need to put all your tools in a place together? A tool pouch is an answer to your question. A well-organized tool pouch helps you in easy functioning and better working. There is a huge variety of tool pouches available in the market. Get the best tool bags that will satisfy your needs and will have the right amount of space and compartments to arrange your tools. A tool pouch with many pockets is recommended. In this way, you can keep your tools organized.

Extension Cords

Having extension cords in your toolbox to makes tasks easier at home. Keep extension cords of different materials for various purposes. Also don’t forget to consider wet areas, oily spaces or extreme sunlight exposure while buying them. Extension cords come in different colors, lengths, and thicknesses. The cords need to be durable for long periods of time.



A ladder is a must when it comes to reaching your roof for DIY’s or renovations. It will be difficult to reach heights without a ladder. Also, there are a number of different ladders available in the market. Choose a suitable one for all your home renovations tasks. While selecting a ladder, make sure whether your tools can be attached to the ladder, whether it stands comfortably on your floor and whether you will be able to stand for hours on the ladder while painting your new bedroom walls.



Tapes are the number one tool in your tool pouch. For all of your DIY home renovations, duct tapes are crucial. Be it sticking things like flowers or even small crafts. Tapes are useful when it comes to sealing things, sticking cardboard or fastening anything or everything.

These are some of the most essential tools that you will need to start DIY home renovations.

Author Bio: Harold Camaya is a blogger who loves to write in different verticals. She co-authored Supercharge Organic Traffic: A popular course focusing on Organic Traffic for Ecommerce.. Her hobbies are traveling and reading.