Guest Post - Declutter Your Home in 21 Days


Clutter can really take hold and ruin the appearance of an otherwise beautiful home. This infographic from our friends at HappyCleans looks at how you can make your home clutter free in just 21 short days. One area of concern in many homes is paper and this can pile up needlessly with the amount of bills, mails and other random bits around the house. The reality is the majority of these items can be thrown away or recycled.

The fridge & freezer is one appliance in that also needs regular decluttering. Old jars of peanut butter and other random concoctions we never plan on consuming are often kept needlessly. Spend one of the 21 days just clearing this area out and it’ll be like having a new fridge.

Magazines and books can also tend to pile up and the majority of these will never be read again. Sort through them keeping your favourites and consider donating the rest to local charities. They would sure appreciate them and someone would of course benefit from reading them!

The entertainment area is another place we tend to needlessly store piles of DVDs and CDs. With the advent of streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify the majority of these have become redundant. Again, these would be perfect for local charities.

Check out the full infographic now and begin your decluttering journey today. Today is the beginning of your brand new home, enjoy!

Author bio

Kat Buckley is the owner of a local services company called HappyCleans. She is passionate about giving people a little extra time to spend with loved ones by cleaning their homes.