Guest Post - Tips to Safeguard Your Furniture When Moving


It wouldn’t probably be an exaggeration to say that the hardest things to move when relocating are the furniture. More often than not, our couches, beds, and tables are the bulkiest and heaviest of our belongings that we have to move. Our furniture also tend to be the ones that sustain scratches or a certain amount of damage when the move is done.

Moving furniture without them getting a scratch is tricky, but it can be done, especially when you have a local moving company helping you out. Here are some tips that would ensure your furniture will get to their destination in one piece, with nary a scratch.

Measure everything

Few things are as frustrating (even maddening) than taking great pains to move that extremely heavy and bulky, but favorite couch of yours from your old house to the new one, then finding out that the latter’s doors aren’t wide enough to accommodate it. In such a situation, the only one at fault would be you, since you didn’t bother to take measurements of both your couch and that front door of your new home. So always have a measuring tape on hand, and take those before moving day comes so you can make the necessary adjustments, like not bringing that couch along in the first place.

Wipe your furniture down

Before packing your furniture, you have to make sure that the surfaces are dust and debris-free. Your furniture gathers a lot of dust, debris, and even tiny pebbles over the years, and leaving them on the surface can lead to scratches while it’s being moved. You can use a damp cloth for the task. A vacuum cleaner would come in handy too.

Protect your furniture


One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving is leaving their furniture unprotected when loaded onto the moving truck. They might be bulky, but they also need protection. Bubble wrap, mattress covers, heavy-duty blankets, sealable plastic bags, and even shrink wrap can go a long way in safeguarding your furniture, so go to your neighborhood supply store and buy the necessary protection. The bubble wrap should be suitable for your wooden furniture. Your upholstered furniture, meanwhile, can use some shrink wrap. And it doesn’t need any further explanation which furniture will need the mattress covers.

Disassemble your furniture

Moving your furniture will be so much easier if they can be taken apart and put back together when they reach their destination. Just make sure you can actually reassemble the whole thing. So if your furniture came with an instruction manual, study it. If you can make a video of yourself disassembling the entire thing, then that would be better, because you can refer to it when you make your furniture whole again

Hire professional movers

As mentioned earlier in this post, you can make moving furniture from point A to B a whole lot easier when you have the staff of a reputable moving company doing the heavy lifting. Big, bulky furniture require strength, and professional movers don’t have any lack of it. Aside from strength developed over years of helping people relocate, professional movers can also offer all possible tricks for moving furniture. Such methods require skill, experience, and the right tools, and professional movers have them in spades. Most importantly, you can also get full value protection insurance from legitimate moving companies. That kind of coverage could pay for the repair or replacement of your furniture that might get damaged or lost while in transit.

Moving furniture the DIY way is good. It’s just that enlisting a professional moving company to take care of your furniture on moving day is so much better.

About The Author

Art Lopez is the founder and owner of A&C Brothers Moving & Storage, a Phoenix moving company that helps residents from all over Arizona take the stress out of local and interstate moving.