Guest Post - How To Stage an Empty House on a Budget

Yes, staging a house on a budget is entirely possible. Sellers who are considering staging their home can increase the overall value of the property. Plus, it can help potential buyers feel welcomed that they’d be willing to buy the house.

What’s great about home staging is that you are basically displaying your own personal touch. And anyone who likes your work and buys the home is the right new home owners.

Home staging does not have to be expensive at all. If you want your house to get sold right away, then these budget-friendly home staging tips to turn an empty house into another family’s dream home.

Clean the house


It is best to clean your house before staging thoroughly. Since it is an empty home, cleaning it should be easier compared to if it is filled with appliances, furniture, and other decorative.

There is no need to declutter anything. So, all you have to do is sweep up and make sure that all parts of the home are nice and tidy. If the house has a garage and a patio, those need to get cleaned as well.

The windows need to be shiny. Doorknobs should be polished, lighting fixtures are cobweb-free, disinfect the entire kitchen and make the bathroom(s) sparkling clean. If your home has carpeted floors, you may want to hire some end of lease carpet cleaning services to perform a throughout cleaning.

See to it the entire house smells good too. Some homes have had pets previously. If the house for sale had a pet before, you might want to hire a professional service that will take care of pet odors.

Basically, you want your empty home to be free from dust, dirt, and all other messes. If there are still further staging procedures needed, make sure that you get the house cleaned up first before showing it to potential buyers. And don’t forget to maintain the curb.

Renovation is key to selling a home


Undertaking the necessary renovations can help a house gets sold faster. You must be able to ‘wow’ anyone who takes a look at your home in order to attract their interest in buying your property.

Among the many renovations needed to get done before putting up a house for sale is repainting. You want to make your home more appealing to potential buyers and giving it a fresh coat of paint is something that should not be skipped.

Giving the walls, doors, and stairway a fresh coat of paint can increase the overall appeal of the house. Use neutral colors when painting anything in the house. This will allow for more appeal to all potential buyers with different color preferences

You do not need to repaint the entire house, though. Since we’re working on a tight budget, painting the main rooms is going to suffice. You don’t have to repaint anything in the bathroom not unless it needs one badly.

Make sure that you fix any dents or holes in walls. See to it that you replace all busted light bulbs, handle leaking faucets, and fix all squeaky doors.

Add some props


When staging an empty house, you should know where to put a focus on. You should prioritize staging the living room, dining, and the master bedroom. You can add one more room to stage if the house has several bedrooms. 

Your goal here is basically to emphasize the space in the respective rooms. So, it is important not to fill the spaces with a bunch of furniture and other decorative.

For the living room, you will only need to provide a sofa, a side table, a coffee table, and a couple of chairs. A table and a set of chairs would suffice in the dining room. Just add a centerpiece to complete the staging. 

You can get creative when it comes to staging the master bedroom. Set up a bed that will appeal to anyone, add in two bedside tables, and put a rug to highlight comfort and sophistication. 

You do not have to buy new furniture as you can simply make use of used furniture. If you do not have the necessary or appropriate kind of furniture, then you can opt to get on in a furniture rental shop.

And finally for the finishing touches add in a few paintings, custom made curtains, decorative jars, flowers in a vase, some magazines, and clean white towels in the bathroom.

These are just the main things you need to do before you put up your home for sale. You can basically get creative with the staging procedures. Once you’ve made the necessary fixes in your home, it should already be more appealing to potential buyers.

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Sean Hangar is owner and head designer at Custom Curtains Hurstville based in Sydney. He has years of experience helping people to make their homes and work places look amazing through his curtain and interior design. 

With an eye for detail and the best materials available in Australia, his designs are transforming homes throughout Sydney! Check out his website here.