Guest Post - 5 Things that Make a Bathroom Speak Luxury


A simply unavoidable station and a secluded space in your house, the bathroom deserves some glamming up. You can transform it into the ideal haven by adding contemporary style in myriad ways. Today, you have access to tons of things that can turn an old bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

Here are the 5 things that make a bathroom speak luxury:

Wall Art -  Adding art to the walls of a bathroom certainly adds personality to it! Considering that we spend considerable time in our daily lives in the bathroom, it becomes essential to engage our senses here with beautiful artwork. 

Adding a single, oversized art piece is an excellent way to add luxury to your bathroom. A large object of art ties the entire room together, doing wonders for the otherwise ordinary-looking space. This trick works even better for a smallish bathroom, visually anchoring the tiny space.

How about a well-designed gallery wall? A fantastic pick-me-up for your bathroom, this form of wall art is sure to give you instant happiness. 

Beautify your bare bathroom walls with collections of shells, painted canvases, framed black-and-white photographs or quirky prints. Hang the items in a meaningful pattern and let the art give a new definition to your bathroom. 


Modern Lighting - Turn your bathroom into a statement-maker by using modern, large-scale lighting. For instance, you can fix a flush-mount chandelier to create a great impact overhead without occupying your bathroom’s physical space. 

Go for vanity lighting with an enduring power cord installation which serves as a task lighting and a luxurious accent as well. While sleekly-designed bath bar lights available in glass and antique bronze illuminate the space perfectly, wall sconces provide the best directional light while shaving, applying make-up and brushing.

Try pairing a shade sconce with a chandelier of the same shade for that typical old-timey feeling. If you’re seeking subtle charm in your bathroom, go straight for glass pendant lighting. These decorative lights diffuse light uniformly when on and seemingly disappear when switched off.

Take inspiration from world-famous spas and create layers of light in your bathroom for the right ambiance and mood. Consider installing a dimmer for controlling the different lights individually. For instance, use soft, faint light for luxuriating in a hot bath and switch a bright light on while showering.

Greenery - Why deprive your bathroom of fresh greenery? Green plants create a striking contrast with ceramic fixtures and tiling. Plants like aloe vera, peace lilies, bamboo, and orchids won’t wilt in the washroom and will only add color to it. Moreover, they are useful for cleaning the air. Keep these plants in stylish galvanized planters to create the visual illusion of a large-sized bathroom.

If you’d like to try options other than keeping fresh plants for having greenery in your bathroom, cover its walls with water-resistant, peelable plant wallpaper. It’s sure to create an immediate impact, elevating your bathroom to modish heights. So, dial-up decor in your washroom by choosing between various wallpaper designs like vibrant florals, botanical prints, and tropical forest. Enjoy the feeling of a house plant powering up a daily-use appliance, thus making an exciting addition to your bathroom.


Luxe Accessories - Add glamour to your bathroom with a range of high-quality accessories. Indulge in attractive glass dispensers for storing your shampoo, face wash, and moisturizing lotion. So, even if your cosmetics are inexpensive, your space gets a luxurious appearance by merely rehoming them. Also, make sure to arrange the glass bottles artfully. Consider placing them neatly on small trays.

Go for soft, neutral-colored towels with embroidered edges and monogramming. Also, opt for a plush, bright-colored, designer bath rug. Make your daily shower feel special with a rainfall showerhead, both soft-sounding and luxurious.

Place scented candles throughout the bathroom so that you can light them up just before taking a bubble bath. Else, consider aromatic diffusers. Won’t you like to sip on wine when in the bathtub? What better luxe accessory than a bathtub tray to hold your glass or even a book?

Apt Furnishings - Extra seating like an ottoman gives a bathroom an elegant look. It also facilitates while you smooth the moisturizer on your entire body. 


Add drama with a large, uniquely-shaped mirror. An over-sized mirror certainly makes your bathroom appear larger, thus adding to the luxe factor. Use beautiful sconces alongside the mirror for the perfect illumination.

Choose silk-like bedroom curtains for the bathtub to create instant luxury. Go for luxurious window treatments like vinyl shutters and honeycomb shades. 

For storage, choose wall-mounted cabinets as they save space and create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Also, consider fitting stylish table-style consoles beneath the basin. These luxury statements feature sleek drawers and also offer countertop space. Consider having luxurious countertops in marble or glass finish.


So, now you know how to spruce up your bathroom with the right things. Adorn the walls with art, focus on statement lighting, don’t leave out greenery, accessorize plentifully, and choose the apt furnishings. 

With such a dramatic makeover, your bathroom can’t but speak luxury.

Author Bio: Derek Edison Is an Interior Decorator and a passionate writer who loves to write about creating aesthetic and ambient living environment for everyone. He focuses on sharing ideas and techniques learnt from his experience as an Interior Decorator in a concise manner so that it can be used by everyone to make their surroundings beautiful to live in.