Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo

Joy Indeed

Many of you have heard of Marie Kondo the Japanese decluttering guru. Her two books “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and “Spark Joy” are hot on best seller lists.  After attending her lecture this past January at the Japanese Society in New York City and reading “Spark Joy”, we recognized that at H2H we already incorporate some of Kondo’s methods. Here are 5 of Kondo’s tips from the book “Spark Joy” which we feel are especially useful.

“The key to success in tidying (organizing) is to finish discarding first"

We find it much easier to plan for systems to help you organize when we know the quantity of what is being kept. At H2H with our efficient, sort, simplify and store process we help you determine what to keep and then make good decisions regarding how and where things will be stored.

“It might come in handy is taboo"

At H2H we realize that keeping objects because they “might” be used someday usually creates much more clutter than needed usually in closets and garages. We gently help you to understand how to sort through and keep what is useful, practical or sentimental.

“Don’t throw away things that bring you joy simply because you aren’t using them"                                                                                                                                    

If something puts a smile on your face when you wear it or see it, relax! Don’t listen to that friend who says, you don’t need or haven’t wore it in ten years. We won’t encourage you to part with anything that brings you happiness. We will help you find homes for your special items.

“The words tidying (organizing) and cleaning are often used synonymously, but they are two completely different things"                                                                                             

Many clients find themselves overwhelmed by the two and cannot separate them. As mentioned before the closets tend to get cluttered during cleaning. At H2H our expertise will help you with the 3 S’s sort, simplify and store. We will also recommend cleaning tips to maintain a beautiful home.

“Make accessory storage as attractive as possible"                                                        

Kondo suggests using items from your home such as attractive boxes or dishes to store jewelry or accessories. At H2H we believe in utilizing storage compartments or holders from your house if possible. If necessary, we will recommend outside storage solutions, but you would be surprised how little you have to buy. We want to leave you with an attractive and organized systems, which will help you to love the space you are in.