Product Review - Lock Laces

All Tied in Knots

Lock Laces

Like many families, we have a rule about taking our shoes off indoors. It turns out you can track in things besides dirt and water, there can also be an issue with bacteria and toxins on your soles. Additionally,  during client visits we often take off our shoes. In that regard, I have become a big fan of Lock Laces. These elastic no tie shoe laces allow you to easily slip on and off your shoes. They are fairly quick and straight forward to install but you do need to pay attention as scissors are involved. At the end of the day, it is not that tying your shoes is something that takes up a lot of time but the number of times they come untied throughout the day does seem to add up.

For Everyone

Lock Laces

Older adults with or without arthritis also benefit from not having to worry about tying and retying laces. Additionally, those with medical issues especially back related will find relief in not having to bend over so much. However, I am torn when it comes to my kids, on the one hand, Lock Laces make your shoes look like they are from the future but I do want the boys to learn how to tie their shoes. They come in a range of colors and while I usually get black to keep it simple I am curious to see what would happen if I engaged a louder color.