Guest Post - 5 Nursery Décor Tips That Your New Baby Will Love

Are you expecting or looking to revamp your little one’s nursery? While we want our little ones to love it, let’s be honest—secretly nursery décor is really for the tired, sleep-deprived parents. You want a space that is both welcoming and calming that both you and the baby enjoy being in. One of the biggest trends in nursery décor is to keep it gender neutral, which means minimizing the baby pink and baby blue and picking a color scheme that is appealing no matter what gender your little one is. If you’re ready to turn your nursery into the oasis of peace that you’ve been dreaming of, here are 5 nursery décor tips that your new baby will love. 

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Guest Post - How to Baby Proof Your Kitchen Efficiently

Babies are so playful and curious, right? It’s very cute to watch how they do naughty things and play around with their environment.

However, the cute could quickly turn into dangerous, especially in the kitchen where there are many sharp, toxic, and hot items and appliances that could seriously injure your baby.

So how do you baby-proof your kitchen efficiently?

Fortunately, there are quite many things you could do for that. And we’ll be talking today exactly about that!

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