Guest Post - 5 Key Features of Modern Industrial Styles

Modern industrial design takes minimalism to a whole new level, embracing the bare-bones features that other architectural styles try to hide. It pays homage to classic factories and warehouses, and yet its symmetry and cohesion make it desirable among the most discriminating interior design connoisseurs. The style is becoming a popular fixture at trendy hotels, restaurants, lofts, and even residential homes.

So what exactly is the modern industrial style? What sets it apart from other modernist influences? To understand the trend, it’s important to recognize the key features that make it unique. 

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Guest Post - Home Design Projects That Can Be Done in a Weekend

The thought of giving your home a makeover may seem intimidating. Ideas of renovating, or even moving out some of the old and replacing it with the new, feels like a commitment of both time and money. But it is the small touches like a new piece of wall art or an attention-grabbing centerpiece that have the ability to make a home feel cozy and tasteful. Fortunately, there is no shortage of projects that can improve your home in just a couple of days time.

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Guest Post - How Virtual Reality is Going to Change the Interior Designing Industry

Ours is the age of technology, its fashion, food, construction or interior design. Virtual reality has begun to change the way interior designers work. Designers feel more confident in presenting their ideas with the help of virtual tools and software because they make the ideas come alive before they actually come alive. To get more insight into the virtual reality software and their impact, we had a little chat with Westbrook Interiors, Office Interior Design Head. Our expert associated the satisfaction of customers with productive and efficient processing that virtual reality provides in these words:

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