Guest Post - Ways to a Wise Budget During Home Renovation

Instead of buying a new house, there is a lot of good reasons to stay in the comfort of your current home and call for a space renovation. The budget for a home renovation project is nothing compared to the cost of a new house purchase. It also saves you and your family from the hassle of house moving. Make the most of a house renovation project, whether major or minor scale, by planning your budget wisely. Here are a few helpful tips to remember:

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Guest Post - Apps for Home Improvements – Senator Windows


Home improvements can be a big or small affair depending on your budget. It also depends on whether you are doing the work yourself or getting a contractor to cover it. Contractors vary in terms of the quality of their work so it’s very important to always get a recommendation for a good one before they begin work at your home. Check their website for reviews / testimonials and ask around locally if anyone you know has dealt with them. Of course, sometimes some people like to do the work themselves but it’s important to only take on work that you are confident that you can complete. No one wants to end up with a shoddy job so sometimes it’s best to get the services of a professional. Researching the work in advance is fun though and there are lots of places on the Internet that can provide inspiration. 

The guys at Senator Windows have put together this useful graphic that outlines all those apps that can make home improvement projects easier. The graphic is split into the various stages of your work including the research phase, the colour selection phase. Check out the full details below and pick and choose the apps that might help the process. 

Guest Post - 4 Resale Value Boosting Tips for Your Next Home Remodeling Project

One of the greatest problems with doing a home remodeling project lies in the fact that not every investment necessarily pays off in terms of net value. For instance, fixing the roof boosts your home’s energy-efficiency and drastically boosts the quality of life within the given home, but if you intend to sell the place right away, you aren’t likely to see a great ROI. This is why you need to be aware of micro-projects that do give you a positive net value boost.

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