Guest Post - Simple Guide to Setting Up Your Home Office in a Small Space

One of the greatest blessings in the age of technology is the comfort it has afforded us in terms of remote working. In the present design of work teams, people are increasingly communicating using technology media and software. Therefore, the shift to remote work is palpable. In tandem with this trend, more and more people are now inclined to create offices within their homes. 

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Guest Post - 5 Key Features of Modern Industrial Styles

Modern industrial design takes minimalism to a whole new level, embracing the bare-bones features that other architectural styles try to hide. It pays homage to classic factories and warehouses, and yet its symmetry and cohesion make it desirable among the most discriminating interior design connoisseurs. The style is becoming a popular fixture at trendy hotels, restaurants, lofts, and even residential homes.

So what exactly is the modern industrial style? What sets it apart from other modernist influences? To understand the trend, it’s important to recognize the key features that make it unique. 

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Guest Post - 5 Must-Have Tech Additions to Your Office

Tech additions to your office may seem like a smart, yet, optional move, however, in the 21st century, reluctance to embrace them may end up costing more than heavily investing in them. Each of these gadgets, appliances and trends drives your company’s productivity forward, which provides your entire organization with some quite beneficial side-effects. With that in mind, here are five must have tech additions for your office.

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