Gifts That Keep on Giving (you a headache)

Thanks to free trade and the rise of plastic, toys are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. When you factor in birthday parties, the December holidays, carnivals, amusement parks and family vacations the sheer number of toys in one's household can be overwhelming (for more on this phenomena check my son’s bed). In addition to stopping the siege before it starts by switching focus from stuff to experiences, there are some easy steps that will help eliminate a toy story with an unhappy ending.

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Play Time Never Ends

Toys Are Meant To Be Played With

Over the years, one of the biggest challenges my clients have dealt with has to do with toys. From tripping hazards to ninja swords sticking out of sofa cushions parents are simply overwhelmed when it comes to their kid's toys. The central issue is the battle between the grownups desire to have the toys off the floor and the kid's desire to play with them.

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