House to Home presents                    Spring Cleaning Product Suggestions

Don't let your pet food take up valuable cabinet space and get rid of those unsightly food bags.  Roll that heavy food into a closet or under a counter and out of sight

Store all those pesky and awkward water bottles in style and in ease:

Summer travel plans? Keep you and your family organized and hydrated with this over the seat mini cooler and organizer

Belt organization is always a big issue especially with those belts that do not hang well.  Solve your problems and hang your belts with this easy to see slim line belt holder

Keep this easy foldable and hideable stool in your kitchen and take back those ridiculously high shelves and cabinets

Professional Organizers do NOT like "JUNK" drawers (we call them utility drawers), but if you must, at least keep the "junk" organized and accessible with this adjustable dividers

Keep these clear bins (come in many sizes and shapes) in your refrigerator or pantry to organize snacks

Use these drawer dividers anywhere and everywhere from kitchen linens to clothes to utilities - their multi uses and ease to install make them priceless!

Make more use of your dresser drawers with these drawer separators.  Perfect for tank tops and for those tiny baby clothes that seem to get lost in large drawers!

These dividers are a must in any and all closets.  Keep those towels in line or purses from slouching!

Get your unmentionables in order and in sight with these drawer organizers and never lose a bra behind the drawer again!

Have wire shelves? No problem we have you covered

Are LEGO minifigs taking over your house? Go up! Display your LEGO figures in these cute display cases. They are stack-able and great for play room and kid bedroom decor!

Our favorite diaper and wipe caddy by far.  Sturdy and holds the basics with a drawer for creams.  Great to bring from room to room and hide in a corner or on a shelf


 When you use one of the links, House to Home Organizing receives a small commission (2-3%)  on the sale of these products which helps allow us keep our client rates competitive.  Thank You for your support.