Virtual Organizing

Ben Soreff Virtual Organizing

Are you motivated, but don’t know where to begin? Do you enjoy tackling projects yourself, but need clear instructions? You want to get organized but have a limited budget?

You have tried to use your friends and family and it didn’t help due to control issues, regret or shame. Then it is time for guidance from a seasoned professional organizer working within your own schedule.

No man-splaining, misunderstandings or messiness only clutter coaching.

What is Remote Organizing?

We discuss your challenges and goals over the phone or on Skype instead of in person, but the same philosophy, systems and techniques apply. Topics include clutter busting and paper management as well planning your ideal space.

What to Expect

You simply select a convenient time below. Once the session begins, we will make brief introductions and get clear on your goals and specific areas of concern. Next, we will create an easy plan to enable you to tackle clutter and stay organized. We know what you’re thinking, what can you really accomplish in an hour? Organizing is not about stuff, it is about time. This hour will allow you to focus without distractions. We will answer the common question, “where to start?” We will discuss organizing basics and philosophy. Most importantly, we will leave you with a clear steps to move forward on your own.
Later, after our session, if questions arise you can always email us for advice (limits apply).

If you are interested in beginning the journey to acquiring a lifetime of organizing skills and saving money, sign up below.


The session can be conducted over Skype or if you prefer via telephone.