Hide and Seek

Often our clients feel embarrassed when we first arrive using the standard line "sorry about the mess." There is no need to apologize! We always work the problem not the blame. It is easy to confuse neat with organized. Many people think they are organized but what they really mean is that they are neat, tidy or clean. Your house may be spotless- sometimes it may even look like an ad out of Architectural Digest. However, if we dig deeper we can identify organizational issues. Attics, garages, closets and drawers are excellent examples of spaces in the home that appear problem free until we "pull back the curtain" so to speak. Out of sight, out of mind is a concern when it comes to being able to find a household item when you need it. While true that short term gains get the house ready when company comes over and we all know how much Betty down the street loves to compare all the houses on the block, but taking the time on one end usually saves more on the other. And it is not just time spent running around the house trying to find an umbrella or clean socks, it is the anxiety of being late or stress of knowing you have batteries for that new birthday toy but simply can’t find them. By letting us help you create proper systems, you will always find what you are looking for and even have time to hit up Starbucks before work.