Interview - Organized Living

Often our clients have big closet challenges and so I thought it might be good to speak with Rebecca at Organized Living about some possible solutions.

Our philosophy is that one’s stuff dictates the terms of the closet system and not the other way around, how does Organized Living differ from a “one size fits all” approach?

Closet Organizing

Closet systems should be custom to the person’s needs and the belongings they own. That’s why homeowners love the freedomRail system so much! You can move it to fit seasonal needs like more space for your favorite pair of riding boots or a long coat. You can always add components, too. If you have an extensive shoe collection and need a few extra shelves, freedomRail can accommodate that!

I understand professional installation is recommended but what about the design process?

Closet Organizing

We have this amazing Online Design Tool that allows you to design your own freedomRail closet. You can send the completed design to an Organized Living dealer when you are finished to have them review, order and install your new system.

If my requirements change over the years, how do you handle the need for change or growth?

Closet Organizing

This is where our amazing freedomRail system takes the cake again. Not only can you move it at any time, you can always add to it. You can purchase components from or visit your local dealer to get everything you need. The best part about adding or adjusting freedomRail is that you don’t need any tools to do it!

What are the differences between your lines: freedomRail & Classica?

Closet Organizing

freedomRail is our adjustable closet system. It’s great for active families whose storage need change constantly. Classica is our traditional, built-in closet system that’s great for families that have more defined needs. 

In your experience, what area of the home presents the biggest challenges?

Closet Organizing

We feel like it’s a tie between the kitchen and the garage. They are both areas that have high traffic and have the tendency to become a catch-all. The best way to stay organized in those areas is to have a system in place.


What are the coolest things people have done with your system?

Closet Organizing

The coolest thing people have done with our system is an entire playroom area. There was an entertainment center and two desks created with the freedomRail. It’s an adorable room and we love that the photo shows how versatile freedomRail is and how it can be used throughout the entire home!

If you want to learn more about Organized Living and the systems we sell, visit today.