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Letgo app

One of the many things we often hear from our clients is that they are busy. Time can be a barrier when it comes to getting rid of unwanted items. While many organizations offer pickups for donations it can be time consuming if you want to sell items. Sites like eBay can sometimes work well for valuable items that are easily shipped. However, large pieces always present a challenge. For a long time Craigslist dominated the market but now there is a new kid in town. Letgo is a free mobile app that is very easy to use. Once downloaded you simply post a picture of the item you want to sell adding a brief description. Since you are using your phone you take and upload the picture basically at the same time. If you allow location services than even that step is taken care of quickly. What’s the catch you ask? Currently, there is no fee to list, buy or sell. In other words everything is free for now (the app is part of the tech bubble phenomenon where your stock price is huge but your company doesn't make a profit). Another option allows you to list the item for free which works well for treadmills and other large items since paying a hauling service to take unwanted items can get pricey. Since people have to come over to pick the item up it is best to make sure they bring enough help to carry the item and a suitable vehicle to take it away.  You do need to be comfortable with the buyer coming to your house and if you can, it works best to have the item in the garage or outside when they arrive. Additionally, if you list multiple items try and book all the pickups near the same time as to free up your day.