Interview - ShelfGenie

Kitchens and closets represent spaces of concern for most of our clients. We spoke with Alex from ShelfGenie to offer possible solutions.

What are benefits of Shelf Genie as oppose to a full kitchen remodel?

Shelf Genie Pantry

We are a great alternative for someone who is happy with the layout of their kitchen, but frustrated with the functionality. We provide a cost effective instant solution that will create more storage and better access usually with a one day installation. We are also a great option for clients that are thinking of selling their home in the next few years. We improve the look and functionality of the space at a fraction of the cost of a full demolition giving them a much better return on their investment. We also have relationships with door manufactures and wood renewal companies that address the outside of the cabinets.

How does the design process work, does the client have any input?

Shelf Genie Pull Out Corner

Our consultations are free and are a collaborative process. Client input is required to create the most fulfilling solution. When you call and schedule an appointment, our appointments are fun and we ask you lots of questions concerning how you use your space and what items are you trying to store. What’s driving you crazy? Are you a Costco or BJ’s client? Are you organic or do you have lots of can goods. Do you cook a lot or have cast iron pans. These are all important questions to better know what solutions to create. Once we figure out these elements, we design and price out the solution on sight. No waiting. Once approved, we produce the pullouts in our factory and will complete the project within six weeks. Our installations are usually done in one day.

You mentioned many of your clients are older adults, why do you think that is?

Usually it’s because the kids are out of college and they are starting to focus on their own needs and want to make the space easier to function. Some clients have mobility issues such as bad backs or knees. Pullouts are a very high impact solution for these clients. It allows you to age in place and remain independent.

I associate pull out systems with kitchens do you have solutions for other rooms?

Shelf Genie Office Desk

Absolutely, we are not restricted to the kitchen. We work in bathrooms, garages, home offices and entertainment units. Pretty much anywhere pullout shelving systems can be of help. Since our installers are finish carpenters, we can create functional spaces under staircases or convert closets into double pantry areas. We even have put in our pullout shelving in furniture to hold TV’s, DVD’s and CD’s.

What are some of the most interesting or creative projects you have completed?

There a few that come to mind, one was the conversion of a garbage compactor into a functional garbage cabinet. We removed the compactor, built the cabinet with toe kick, put in 2 pullouts (1 for garbage and recycling, the other above it for the garbage bags), ordered a matching door and installed it. When we finished, it looked like it had always been that way.

Another interesting project we did was for a client that had done a renovation of the kitchen space including changing the access to the upstairs. Unfortunately, they had to keep the old staircase as is because underneath was the staircase to the basement.  We created a 4 pullout pantry. Since we are all custom, we could make the depth of the pullout as deep as necessary. So, the bottom pullout was 19” deep, the one above it was 25”, above that one 36” and the top one was 5 feet deep. It became an incredibly useful storage space.