Interview - Genius Scan

We have a lot of clients who ask us about going paperless and we have a system for that process. However, deciding what specific tools to use going forward can be challenging so we spoke with Bruno with Genius Scan about some options. 

For the busy working parent, what is the easiest way to explain what Genius Scan is?

We like to describe Genius Scan as a real scanner in your pocket. But in practice, it's more powerful than that: with a real scanner, you get a clean document. Then you need to get it somewhere. Genius Scan packs everything in the same app: in a couple taps you will get a clean document and export it wherever you need it.

More concretely, Genius Scan is super helpful to digitize a lot of everyday-life documents. For instance, you can scan documents for the school teachers, doctor's prescriptions … a lot of parents use Genius Scan to archive the family's important paperwork and have it at hand at all times.

Can I take a photo with anything besides my phone and does the physical size of my original paper document matter?

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is available on iOS and Android, and is designed for both phones and tablets. The closer your can be to the document, the higher the resolution will be. So you will get super-high resolution scans if you scan a receipt or a Letter-size paper. If you scan a very large blueprint, the results might be less good. In all cases, it's very important to have a good lighting environment.

When I scan a piece of paper, where does it live?

The documents you scan are stored on your phone. Then, you can decide to send them somewhere. The most common option is to send it by email. But Genius Scan integrates with all the major cloud storage services, so it's very easy to archive your documents in, say, Dropbox.

Just recently, we also launched an optional service called Genius Cloud, which let you sync your documents between your devices and back them up. We recommend using it if your documents are important as it protects you in case you lose your phone, break it or accidentally delete a document.

How do I find what I'm looking for in my scanned paper?

Genius Scan lets you easily organize your documents with tags and Smart Document Names (you can name a document based on the city you scan it in, or based on a client's name). In the future, we plan to offer OCR services to let you search your documents.

What are the different types of Genius Scan and the fees, is there a space limit?

Genius Scan is free and fully functional. Just try it! You can unlock Genius Scan+ for a one-time fee of $7.99. This unlocks premium features such as the export to Box, Dropbox etc., Smart Document Names, automatic background export, Touch ID security. Last, you can opt for Genius Cloud. It's a subscription ($2.99/month or $29.99/year) which offers unlimited and automatic backup and synchronization for your documents, plus all the features of Genius Scan+.