Interview - STYLE ADORN

Home Staging

At House to Home Organizing a large percentage of our clientele are people who are moving. Moving can be stressful and before the move comes another potential stressor, putting the house on the market. We spoke with Tracy Marraccini & Kelly Lapadula of STYLE ADORN about how they can help during the home sale process.

For the busy person, what is STYLE ADORN?

In its essence, STYLE ADORN is a home staging/styling company dedicated to “adorning” or embellishing ones’ home in order to gain a competitive marketing edge in the home selling arena.

We believe that every home has a story to tell, a unique spirit within itself. Our customized design approach takes into account the special nuances of each home, as we strive to create inspiring, welcoming spaces.

In guiding sellers through the stressful process of preparing their home, we often share our philosophy which is “As you evolve, your home should too.” We have found that this idea gives home owners “permission” to let go and prepare for change, as they transition from one home to the next.

What is your origin story, how did you get started?

Home Staging

We met a few years ago at the start of both of our real estate careers. We had an instant connection as we both shared a passion for all of the aesthetics of home sales. As we each started to develop our individual careers as agents, we became increasing aware of the impact of how each home was presented. Separately, we were both getting involved with the staging process and were each becoming a resource for our fellow agents, helping them prepare their listings to hit the market.

While we continued to support each other’s real estate careers, our conversations soon became about how we could collectively fill the need to “showcase” homes to promote quicker sales. The timing felt right too, with both of us seeking opportunities to express our art and design backgrounds. We instinctively knew that our styles complemented on another, and we soon realized that our goals and sensitivities did as well. From these ideas, STYLE ADORN came into full bloom!

Why is staging a home important?

Home Staging

Today’s buyers are savvy and particular, making home staging more relevant than ever. When a buyer walks into a home, they are seeking an emotional connection. We are able to address the psychological component of home buying by creating a lifestyle element people can envision themselves “stepping into” and enjoying. In conjunction with this is idea, is the fact that today’s search engines are a driving force in real estate sales. As this is the case, we are very focused on how our staged homes are presented and marketed on-line. While conducting their on-line searches, buyers are making quick decisions as to which properties they will consider, further emphasizing the need to capture their attention.

For these reasons, home staging has become a critical component in promoting the sale of ones’ home.

How involved is the home owner in the process?

With regards to homeowner involvement, it really depends upon the particular situation. If a home is unoccupied, we generally go in without any restraints, and are able to create visually stimulating spaces.

When the homeowners are living in their home, we are sensitive to the fact that it can be intrusive to come in and rework their personal space. Most people love their home, value their belongings, and are essentially trusting us with what is likely their largest asset.

We believe that what sets us apart from our competition is that we are flexible and sensitive to each homeowners needs as they prepare to sell their home. With this in mind, we often will incorporate a homeowners valued pieces into our design plan. Allowing them to have input ultimately creates a comfort level with our clients, as well as a space that truly reflects the inherent features of what makes a home a “home!”

What have been some of your favorite projects?

Home Staging

We have been very fortunate in that we have had the opportunity to work in a variety of different style homes, all with unique challenges. For example, one home was new construction with an unconventional layout. Buyers were confused as to how to utilize the spaces, so we were tasked with helping to define the rooms by staging them. Once staged, that home went into contract within days.

Another project involved a mid-century home that hadn’t been updated at all. We were able to incorporate some of the homeowner’s pieces with our modern pieces to create a cool vibe.

But probably our favorite project was one where the homeowners were extremely cooperative and very accommodating, allowing for maximum creative freedom. They were open to all of our ideas and suggestions regarding new paint color and replacement light fixtures, which yielded a dramatic transformation.