Bins: Not Necessarily What It’s All Stacked Up To Be

Storage bins are great for organizing, but sometimes they aren't all they are stacked up to be. If an organizing system isn't easy you simply aren't going to use it and in that regard bins can give with one hand and take with the other.

Storage Bins

Pack'em, Stack'em and Rack'em

Bins provided a great storage solution for household items especially for those you don't use very often. They make sense for items like holiday decorations, keepsakes, and recreational equipment. During the winter/summer swap of jackets for bathing suits bins are perfect. However, the danger of bin use can be seen in the stack. When it comes to bins when they get stacked the ones on the bottom become a black hole. If you have to take down five bins to get something you just won't.

Bigger Isn't Better

You think you solved all your problems by finding the biggest bin in existence, however the big bin often creates more problems than it solves. Big bins get heavy quick and one person can't lift them. Often a giant bin will sit covered and unmoved for decades. Another challenge of the giant bin is finding anything inside easily.

Solid as a Rock

Clear bins make for the best bins for obvious reasons, but solid colored bins aren't necessarily bad if it doesn't matter what you need to grab. Think Christmas or Halloween bins in Red/Green or Orange/Black. If you are taking the whole bin down from the attic and using everything inside than the benefits of the clear bin aren't necessary. The danger lies in a non-clear mystery bin not properly labelled.

Easy in, Easy Out

4 Drawer Office Cart

While bins are ideal for a many items, drawers make for an easier system for those things you use frequently. Drawers are perfect for art and office supplies since they not only keep a limit on supplies but allow items to go in easy and also come out easy. Imagine a child having to un-stack four bins to get to paper or stickers. Batteries and toiletries also benefit from being in easy access drawers and not stacked bins.