Interview - Oasis Senior Advisors

A large percentage of our clients are caring for an older parent. Often we are called in to help make space for a parent to move in with their adult children or we help older adults downsize as they prepare for the next life stage. We spoke with Paul at Oasis Senior Advisors to provide additional options for caregivers because just like House to Home Organizing they don't believe there is a one size fits all solution for caregivers.

For the stressed caregiver what is Oasis?

Oasis Senior Advisors

We give the caregiver the information they need to have confidence that they are making the best decisions and creating the most appropriate plans for their loved one.

If someone wants your help, how do they begin?

Families can call us at 475.619.4123 or email at to schedule a free consultation.

Finances are always an issue for the older adult, how much do you charge?

We are a free service. There is never a charge to the family for our services.

Do you help all seniors, despite the level of care required?

Oasis Senior Advisors Hands

We offer solutions for all levels of care. We connect seniors with resources for whatever care needs they may have and make referrals to everything from medical equipment for the home, to home care, to Assisted Living and Memory care and to Skilled Nursing Facilities.

What happens when an older adult doesn't have family members who live close?

We are national company with 60+ franchises in 26 States. Working together seamlessly with our colleagues around the country we make sure that families are able to care for a loved one from wherever they may live.

In your experience what are the biggest challenges facing older adults in our community?

It’s very difficult for families and older adults to make plans and decisions on the best care without information about all of the resources available. We try to educate families on all the options available to them and the best practices in providing a safe and enriching environment for their loved one; whether that be at home, Assisted Living, Memory Care or Skilled Nursing.