Guest Post - How To Store Your Golf Clubs At Home

How To Store Your Golf Clubs At Home: 3 Strategies To Reduce Clutter and Free Up Space


We all know space around the house is limited - and finding appropriate space to store golf clubs is no exception to this rule.

There are generally two issues that will occur: finding enough space and making sure the golf equipment is stored safely, so the golf clubs stay in mint condition. Overall, the general consensus is to store golf clubs in a dry room at moderate temperature.

Yet this is often easier said than done: we all know that it can be much more complicated than that, especially if you have a lot of clubs. In this article, we will share our top three tips on storing golf clubs, and how you can make the most of your home’s storage space.

Let us begin with the first one.

Only Store at Home an Optimized Amount of Golf Clubs

The first mindset you should have on golf club storage is that you are only allowed to bring 14 different clubs to a golf course. So, arguably the best way to optimize club storage at home is to first, only purchase and bring home the clubs you will actually need. Yes, some golfers might need different club sets for different courses, but doesn’t mean you need to have over 50 clubs stored at home.

With so much new equipment released virtually every day, it is understandable that the temptation to expand your collection is high. If you do have unlimited budget and unlimited storage spaces, that shouldn’t be a problem. Yet, we all know that’s not the case for the most of us.

So, what’s the optimal club sets we should have (and store at home)? Here is how I will recommend it:

For Beginners/High-Handicappers

A very forgiving driver or a 3-wood, as most high-handicappers can’t hit a driver and they can replace it with an easier to hit 3-wood

7-, 8-, 9- irons

4-, 5-, 6- hybrids to replace the hard to hit long-irons

Putter, a mallet one with plenty of forgiveness

A pitching wedge

For Mid-Handicappers

A driver

A 3-wood

6- to 9- irons

4- and 5- hybrids to replace two long irons

Sand wedge & pitching wedge


For Low-Handicappers/Tour Players

A driver

A 3-wood, or you can replace it with a more versatile 2-hybrid

3- to 9- irons

Gap wedge

Pitching wedge, lob wedge, sand wedge


Store Your Clubs In Your Bedroom

The first places that come to mind to store your golf clubs might be your pantry, your garage, or other dedicated storage spaces. Yet, there are several disadvantages with this practice which make us actually strongly recommend other, more appropriate places around the house.

Our recommendation is to store your golf clubs in your bedroom, a study or other rooms with enough storage spaces you frequently use.

Why? There are three things you should definitely avoid with golf clubs: physical scratches, heat, and moisture.

If you store your clubs in a warehouse or even worse, your car trunk, the clubs can pick up physical dent or nicks from bumping with each other or with other things inside the warehouse.

Heat is also an issue if you are storing your clubs in your car trunk, especially if you park your car outside. Heat can cause the glue under your grip to break down. A garage, on the other hand, often has issues with build-up moistures.

If you have a  big collection of golf clubs (which we don’t recommend, see our first tip above), you might also forget some of the clubs stored in your garage or warehouse, since you don’t visit those rooms often.

So, storing your clubs in a room you frequent has two main benefits : first, you won’t forget about them and can check their condition frequently. Second, by having your clubs where you can see it, they can remind you to play more often.

Choose a Proper Golf Bag

No matter where you store your golf clubs, you will obviously need a golf bag to place your clubs (or several, if you have more than 14 clubs). Since we have agreed that storage spaces are limited and hence, valuable, the ideal golf bag is the one that allows you to store as many golf clubs as possible, yet has the least volume.

Here are some we will recommend:

Callaway Golf 2017 Org Cart Bag

A relatively compact golf bag with 12 x 10 x 35 inches dimension and only 5.8 pounds of weight (without your clubs), yet offers plenty of storage spaces and pockets with Callaway quality.

The most interesting quality of the Callaway 2017 Org Cart Bag is the 14-way organization system, complete with full-length club dividers. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about clubs banging with each other during transportation or storage.

Ogio Golf 2017 Press Cart Bag

A key highlight of the Ogio Golf 2017 Press Cart Bag is how it is very reasonably priced, so it is an excellent choice for those with limited budget. Yet, the bag offers plenty of storage with eight-way organization and full-length dividers.

Regarding compactness, it is only 8-ounces with 10.5 x 13 x 37 inches of dimension. There are also 9 additional pockets to store other golf equipment.

PING Golf Men’s Traverse II Cart Bag

PING is of course, one of the most prominent names in the world of golf equipment, so quality is definitely not a question with the PING Traverse II Cart Bag. As with Callaway Org Cart Bag above, it also offers 14-way organization system, and the full-length dividers are made from air-meshed and cushion polypropylene material able to withstand high impact.

It is still relatively compact at 36 x 10 x 14 inches, but is slightly heavier at 8 pounds. An excellent choice for those looking for a high-end golf bag.

Jordan Fuller is a golf enthusiast who loves to spend days on the green, interacting with other players. For the last 25 years, he's been a key member of the Nebraska golf community, helping and assisting players of all levels near his home course near Omaha. Recently, seeing that many golfers were facing the same challenges, he started his own golf website to help golfers become better players.