Invisible Organizing

Bathroom Drawers and Doors

We have all heard a picture is worth a thousand words. And never before has that saying been more true than in the brave new world of social media. Professional Organizing lends itself to amazing before and after pictures. There is no doubt that you get a wow factor transforming a garage filled with 30 years of clutter into a useful space with room for the cars and lined with finished systems. However,  sometimes the before and after pictures can look exactly the same. How is that possible? Good organizing isn't about Instagram, it is fundamentally about being able to find what you are looking for, so you can be productive and efficient.

In most cases people don't have chronic or extreme clutter, they have busy lives and lack of systems (containers, baskets, hooks, etc...) They may have a cleaning person or simply want their surfaces free from clutter.  In these cases the before picture is often the same as the after picture until you open the drawers and closet doors. When people get the house ready for guests or just want a clean look they tend to turn to "make it go away" areas, hidden from view. These black holes give the space a neat clutter-free look but don't tell the whole story. At House to Home Organizing we usually start projects by focusing on the closets, garage, attic or basement. We want to free up usable space in order to create homes for your items to live. We want you to be able to find what you are looking for and that means looking at the whole picture. Additionally, by emptying the hidden areas we can review every item in context so our clients can make regret free decisions. Great before and after photos can make people say wow, but don't forget to see the whole picture.