Interview - NasKart

Many of our clients ask us how to deal with the vast number of toys their kids accumulate. We suggest limiting the number that come into your space in the first place. We encourage a switch from toys towards experiences so we spoke with Cody of Montville, CT's NasKart SuperCharged Go Kart Racetrack.

Naskart Car

What is the track's origin story? How long has it been around?

Naskart opened on January 1, 2017, only 11 months after its conception on a dinner napkin. It really is a unique concept that originated when one of the owners was on a family trip in Florida. As he sat watching his kids enjoy an indoor karting track he had two thoughts. 1. Why don’t we have anything like this closer to home, and 2. We can do this better. That is exactly what he set off to do with his business partners and 11 months later the doors open for the world’s largest indoor multi-level karting track.

What should a busy person know before walking in the door to race?

The first thing to understand when going to a facility like this, is that indoor karting isn’t like most entertainment venues. The system operates more like a airport than anything else, with a strict schedule of races with loading and departures times, always subject to delays based upon what is happening on the tracks during the races. Be sure to check online to better understand what to expect. What are the requirements to participate? What restrictions exist? What are the associated costs and hours of operation? All this and more can be found on our website

What are the different tracks and levels?

NasKart Track

Naskart offers two distinct quarter mile tracks, Coca-Cola Raceway and Antonino Auto Group Speedway. On Thursdays we merge them both for Supertrack, a ½ mile per lap experience line no other. On either track you have two options for your speed setting, Semi-PRO, or PRO. For Semi-PRO the minimum requirement is that you are 58 inches or taller. For PRO you must also be 58 inches or taller, and also 15 years of age or older. Both tracks, and both speed settings use the same high performance electric go karts.

What are the age limits or height?

Trampoline Park

For our trampoline park we do not have any age or height limitations. Our policy is that you must be able to jump on your own without assistance and follow instructions. We are very strict on our safety rules.

Can someone drive a cart on the trampoline park?

In addition to our 80,000 sq. ft. track building we have our trampoline park, party spaces, Fuel Up café, and a full service sports bar. Be sure to JUMP & DRIVE before visiting the bar. For more information or to inquire about having a special event with us please email