Interview - Toss 21

At House to Home Organizing, we often see the same items in our clients homes. The same disposable items. We encourage our clients to seek out quality (possibly local) items that will be used more than once. We spoke with Andrew from Durham, CT's Toss 21 Cornhole game system to learn about something new. 

For the busy person, what is Toss 21?

Toss 21 Cornhole Game

Toss21 is a fully engaging digital gaming system. This means that you physically play a game but at the same time can control the content and atmosphere of the gaming platform. This means you get to watch live TV, connect and play live with friends and family in different parts of the country, change lighting and display settings. You can play a game in total darkness and experience a fully immersible experience that has yet to be done - (glow bags, led board and TV display).

What is your origin story, how did Toss 21 get started?

Toss21 was started when I had first-hand experience of people struggling to keep score, remember the score and not be able to play the game successfully at night (lack of sunlight). So, I thought why not make all those issues a thing of the past and give people a way to hang out and socialize by combining led lighting, a digital display, internet connection and sensors to score into a single unit. All the problems that were expressed and that I encountered were now taken care of. 

Does the game work outside?

Toss 21 Game system

The Toss21 gaming system works outdoors and indoors. It has the ability to be powered by battery, battery with solar panel  or into an electrical outlet. This allows the system to be portable and usable pretty much anywhere. The system is also weather resistant. This means that spilled drinks or quick rain/snow showers are of no threat to the board or its functionality.

What are the age requirements?

Age requirements are from 3 years old to 100 years old. And I have already had players of both those ages. The system is child proof, adult proof and even environment proof. The system is built to withstand a grown adult stepping on it, which means that kids jumping and sliding down the board cause no issue.

For those who are not tech savvy can they still play?

Toss 21 at Night

If someone can turn on a TV and use a remote they are good to go. The system is made for ease of use. Its about playing and socializing first, so we made the platform extremely user friendly. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go crazy and really utilize all of the features, we had the abilities and desires of tech savvy people in mind as well.