Guest Post - Ways to Get Organized when Moving with Children

Family in Car

The moving process itself is quite tiring and stressful, let alone when you have to organize the entire move and take care of your children at the same time. Since you can quickly get overwhelmed by your duties during this period, it’s important that you stay calm, collected and organized. Finding the right moving approach and keeping your kids engaged will help you all with the transition while also facilitating your move to a new home.


Start as soon as possible

Once you decide to move, you should start planning and getting ready as soon as possible. Moving with children can last for weeks and easily get delayed. Therefore, it’s better to start planning your move even months in advance. The first thing you need to do is organize a family meeting and break the news to the kids. You shouldn’t let them know just before the move, but give them time to process what’s happening. You should also explain why you’re moving because this is a major change that can affect your children. Letting them know as soon as you decide will give them time to get excited about your move and ask you any questions they might have.

Plan for a move

Come up with a plan

Having a plan is essential when moving with children. Things can quickly get out of hand and you may become extremely stressed by the amount of duties and your particularly fussy children. A to-do list is always a great way to stay organized and efficient. You can also create a schedule, write down all the supplies you’ll need and even set up some deadlines.

Keep your kids engaged and involved

Kids help out during move

Letting your children be a part of your move will help them deal with the change more easily. Excluding them completely will not only make your move more difficult, but it will also make them feel as if their opinions didn’t matter. Thus, you should involve them from the very beginning by asking them to help you with packing their belongings, letting them choose the color for their new rooms, etc. This way, you’ll have some additional help during your move and make your children feel important. Making the entire process fun and exciting through packing games and music can keep you all in high spirits and keep your kids engaged.

Find help

Moving Truck

Even if you’re an expert at multitasking, you’ll definitely need help during this period, especially if you can’t take a lot of time off work or if you’re a single parent. Having someone help you with the move will relieve a lot of pressure and keep you more organized throughout the entire process. You can ask your friends and family to look after your children or find a temporary day care. Hiring a professional moving company is another great option if you need additional help. However, if you want to do it on your own, you should still consider finding affordable truck rentals so that you can move more efficiently. Using a truck is far more practical, especially if you find a company that offers additional pieces of equipment, such as trolleys, ropes, blankets, etc.

Declutter before packing

Decluttering is one of the most important steps before you tackle packing. You’ll need to sort out your belongings and get rid of the items you don’t need. You should ask your children to go through their toys and set aside the ones they wish to donate. Not only will this make packing easier, but it will also help you bring only the items you love and need to your own home.

Pack efficiently

Packing for a move

When you finally start packing, you need to stay organized and efficient. The best approach is to pack room by room while also labeling the boxes and writing down their contents on paper. This will enable you to easily find what you need and unpack your boxes quickly. You can also use colorful stickers and markers for different categories. When packing, don’t forget to pack a box or two of the essentials that you’ll need on your first night at your new home. You should pack items such as personal toiletries, sheets, pajamas, snacks and other items that you’ll need until you settle down.

With an organized and timely approach, you’ll be able to get through this stressful process easily and efficiently. The most important thing is to keep your kids engaged and involved and help them through this transitional period.

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