The Dreaded Attic


Attics can be a nightmare. Often things have been stored in your attic for over 30 years.

Boxes untouched and filled with multi-generational items. Attics serve as a catch all, a great example of what is “out of sight, out of mind.” We have experienced many instances when a house is listed on the market we get the phone call that it is finally time to get in the attic and bring down the items to sort, review, donate or sell.

Here are some tips for properly organizing your attic:

Items stored in the attic should not be temperature sensitive. For example, photographs, paintings, and musical instruments should not be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Your keepsakes such as college mementos, awards and trophies should be kept in clear plastic bins. Label the outside what the bin contains without writing directly on the bin. The same goes for children’s keepsake clothing and toys. Often our clients ask us about turning t-shirts into quilts. Here is a link should you be interested in a t-shirt quilt.

Try to get as much off the floor as possible. Inexpensive vertical shelving can be helpful. This way, you will be able to easily find what you are looking for and not rummage around the attic floor.

Holiday décor should also be stored in clear plastic bins. Plus plastic bags for oversized awkward items. Many households have large quantities of holiday items and gift wrap. Maybe store it in a separate area of the attic for ease of finding it when necessary.

Attics tend to be a “make it go away “ destination for numerous items such as old electronics, pet carriers, unused rugs, dated financial paperwork and other uncategorized items. Sometimes there are even boxes from previous moves which were never opened. Often we keep things with the intention that maybe someday they will come in handy. If you haven’t used something in many years it may be time to donate inexpensive, outdated and unused items.

Attics are a place where furniture can be stored away and forgotten. In fact, you may even want to bring it down but don’t want to hurt yourself (how did it fit up here in the first place?) If you think there is value to a piece of furniture there are people who can come appraise it for you. Certainly items can be repaired and sold, or donated to people who may have use for them.

However, if the attic is making you feel overwhelmed and you need help, feel free to contact us.