Guest Post - 5 Tips for Achieving a Cozy Family Room

Family room

The family room is the heart of every home. This is where the real magic of community happens: it’s where you and your loved ones spend time socializing, relaxing and having fun. So, if you want to make this special space even more comfortable and cozy, consider these 5 family room design ideas. They will certainly come in handy as the winter approaches!

Start with color

If you want to create an inviting, friendly and cozy space for your family, opt for soft and warm colors. Earthy tones are especially great in creating that homey feeling, so consider khaki, honey or clay tones. In order to break the monotony, you also need a few pops of bold color! You can paint an accent wall in brighter shades like yellow, pumpkin orange or brick red or find another way to introduce color. For instance, you can opt for eye-catching decoration or an interesting piece of art. These are great ways to spice up the space, because they are affordable and can be easily replaced when you need a quick change.

Shower it in light

Light Room

There’s no better way to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in a space that with appropriate lighting. So, ditch your old-fashioned boob lights and harsh beams and illuminate your family room with layered lighting. Combine general, overhead lighting with the task and accent lights for the best coverage. This way, you’ll always have just the right amount of light for all your family activities and your space will be showered with soft and pleasant light. No more dark corners and too-bright islands of light! Even though the artificial light is crucial, natural light is still the healthiest way to get some light into your family room. So, make sure to open up those curtains and regularly let the sunshine in.

Cozy it up!

Do your family members like to gather in the living room, watch a movie while curled up under a blanket? If yes, then you definitely have to boost comfort to make these moments even cozier for everyone! The best way to achieve that homey, casual vibe is with plenty of informal seating. Soft furniture with practical pillows will simply invite everyone to just flop on the couch and chill as a family.

Also, get a few throws for accent and extra warmth in the winter. And, don’t forget your floors! For the ultimate cozy atmosphere, you need to provide your toes with plenty of warmth and softness. If you can find a rug that’s soft and cozy, you’ll not only boost warmth in your family room, but also anchor the entire space and significantly improve the overall aesthetics of your room. Plus, your kids will love to roll around and play on their new, soft rug!

Make it organic


A great way to add both interest and freshness to your family room is to employ nature and natural elements. Indoor plants will not only add a touch of style, color and fragrance to your space, but also ensure your air is free of pollutants and even some odors! This is especially important in the winter, when we spend a lot of time indoors and tend to close our windows. So, don’t miss a chance to green up your family room. Also, outdoor elements add great interest to the space. Consider placing an arrangement of branches in a vase or driftwood on a shelf. These details will instantly boost warmth and style of your room, but also connect your family with the outdoors! If you want to go a bit bigger, you can embrace the eco-friendly trend and try some green renovation design ideas for a healthy and environmentally-conscious home.

Personalize your space

Little details are often what makes home…well, a home! So, don’t hesitate to add a few meaningful family items to your décor to add charm and character. Think family photos, vacation souvenirs, favorite books and art pieces. These pieces not only encourage conversation, but also trigger memories and tell a story about your family. So, ditch some of the store-bought decoration and replace it with personal items that will make your family room warm and inviting!

Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to improve your family room and treat your loved ones to a space that is uniquely yours. Your movie nights, lazy Sunday mornings and family bonding times will be even more fun and relaxing!

Lana Hawkins is a young architect and a home décor blogger on Smooth Decorator. She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that's where she gets most of her inspiration from.