Guest Post - 5 Tips for Tackling Your Small Home Office Project with Minimal Effort


When your home is tight on space, it can be tough to find a distraction-free area to work. But work still needs to get done. So, how can your reconcile the limited square footage inside your home with the need for a dedicated workspace? You can start by using these simple tips to create a practical small office in even the tiniest of homes.

You Don’t Need Tons of Space for a Functional Office   

As you look around your home, you may be wondering where you can fit furniture for your office. After all, you need a comfortable spot to sit and complete your work, but a giant desk and chair just won’t do. A built-in office desk could be a perfect solution to provide a compact workspace without actually taking up too much room in your smaller home. Building in a desk also allows you to customize this office essential to fit any area, including that spot under your stairs or corner of your guest room. Really, all you need to stay productive is a small area secluded from household distractions, and you have the perfect set-up for your small home office.

Your Project Budget Doesn’t Have to Be Big, Either

Unless you need a lot of tech, you should be able to keep the budget for your home office fairly tight. Springing for a small built-in desk, as mentioned above, can actually save you some cash, especially if you DIY. You can even use reclaimed wood or extra lumber you may have hanging around your house, so long as you have a set of basic DIY tools. You can also keep costs low by adopting a minimal decor style for your office space. Aside from being budget-friendly, minimalism will also keep your new work area free of clutter that can distract you. That’s an added bonus for your productivity and focus, in addition to a plus for your home office budget.  

Small Touches Can Add Major Comfort to Your Space


Keeping things minimal is good for your budget and business, but adding a few personal touches can sometimes make your home office feel more comfortable. That comfort is key, especially when you work from home on a regular basis. So, grab a comfortable office chair to go along with your customized desk, but try to pick one that fits your personality. If you’re the type who powers through the workday with the help of caffeine, then you may also want to consider adding a compact coffee maker so you can refill your mug with minimal interruptions in your workflow.

Your Office Furnishings Can also Be Multi-Functional

A built-in desk and a comfortable chair can make you more productive, but you can also look for desk, chair and other furnishing options that serve multiple purposes in your home. For example, a built-in desk that also folds into the wall can help clear out space when you need it in a smaller home. If you need a spot to store files and documents, you can find ottomans with storage that double as extra seating when you have guests. Some models even have filing spaces built-in, making them the perfect storage solution for smaller home offices.

Compact Tech Can Be Powerful and Effective


Even the most functional desk and office space can be useless if you don’t have the right tech, but this aspect of your home office does not have to take up a lot of space, either. A lightweight laptop can fit perfectly on even the smallest of desks, but it will also come in handy if you want to work while on the road or need to take your computer with you on an airplane. You can also find compact printers and routers. For file storage, go with the cloud instead of a bulky hard drive for added convenience and security.

Stop stressing about fitting a functional office into your small home. It’s easy to implement a simple work area into any spare corner of your place. You just need the tips above and a little elbow grease to get the job done.

Author Bio: Alice Robertson recently created Tidyhome as a place to share the great cleaning and organizing advice she has developed over the years. Alice loves helping others, and she knows having a clean, organized home can do wonders for stress and mental health.