Guest Post - 5 Home Hacks to Save You Time and Aggravation

While cleaning up can be satisfying, some chores that are super irritating. They take too long, they make you crazy, or they are too much hard work for not enough return. Here are five ways that you can beat those annoying tasks and get on with your day.

Folding a fitted sheet

The process of folding a fitted sheet has caused even the most hardcore cleaners to throw up their hands in frustration. But, you don’t need to end up with a messy linen closet anymore. Luckily someone tried all the methods they could muster and came up with the best way to get those annoying elastics all put perfectly together to make a neat flat fold.

The breakdown is:  

  • Grab the sheet by the short length and pull out the corners.

  • Fold the corners together to create a pocket.

  • Get the next corner and tuck it into the pocket you’ve made and then fold.

  • Place on a bed with the elastic up and then fold that over into quarters.

It’s a little difficult to see abstractly without these videos, but take a look and you’ll get it pretty quickly. Now if only they could help you get a fitted sheet on by yourself without one of the other corners popping up!

Quick dry your laundry

Most people hate doing laundry because it takes so long. Especially the drying part. And when the washer is done and the dryer isn’t, well the process just gets more lengthy. Get your clothes to dry more quickly with this simple hack: put a dry towel in the dryer with your damp laundry Check on your laundry about 10 minutes before you usually would and you’ll see it dries more quickly.

Clean the gunk out of your blender


Love smoothies, but hate the chore of cleaning the sticky bits out of the blender when it’s done? Berry seeds and fruit particles are tough to get out and you find yourself rinsing and rinsing over and over to try to get it clean. Instead try this hack. When you are done with the delicious smoothie part, fill the blender container with hot water and dish soap, wait for a few minutes and then run the blender on high for about 15 seconds. Then just rinse and dry.

Polish your pots with a condiment


If the bottom of your stainless steel pots and pans get black and brown, it’s generally from a natural reaction with copper oxide. Scrubbing and scrubbing can be annoying, so avoid it. Spread a layer of ketchup on the bottom and the acetic acid in the condiment will corrode the copper oxide after about 30 minutes. Then, you can just wipe and rinse.

Stop rage cleaning your microwave

Avoiding cleaning the microwave has long been a favorite pastime. That’s because it gets so sticky and greasy in there that cleaning it seems like a futile gesture and even the best attempts are not very satisfactory in the end. Until now. Put a bowl of water and lemon juice in and run it for five full minutes. The evaporated liquid will get into the stains and make everything simple to wipe up.

These five chores have long been the bane of clean up time. With these simple hacks you will save time for what you really want to do: Netflix and chill. Haha, right, now there’s all that other cleaning to do.

Author Bio: Sarah Archer, Content and PR Manager for Your Best Digs. Sarah’s a writer who’s passionate about evaluating everyday home products to help consumers save time and money. When she’s not putting a product’s promise to the test, you’ll find her hiking a local trail or collecting new stamps in her passport.