Interview - TecKnow

Lately, we see a lot of modern technology in our client’s homes. From lights that turn on when you enter a room to sound systems that come with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa built-in. We spoke with Westport, CT’s TecKnow and Kim Burke to help us make sense of it all.

For the busy person, what is TecKnow?

Tecknow Is a company that custom designs, installs, programs and maintains smart home and office automation systems incorporating solar and/or solar storage. A light, a lock, a solar roof, a battery, a thermostat, irrigation - these are all examples of connected devices that can be optimized and set into “scenes” to create energy efficiencies, security and convenience. Unlike some other smart home systems that collect your data and listen to conversations, the Apple HomeKit platform is all about data privacy, security and does not monetize your data or record your conversations.

What does Smart Living Ecosystem mean?

Smart Kitchen

It refers to the holistic approach of the automation platform we utilize to create homes and offices powered by the sun and controlled by your voice.

For the techno-phobe, how easy are things to use?

Super easy to use. You can use your voice to turn on the lights or say “goodnight” and the lights can turn off, doors lock, garage doors go down, tv goes off, thermostats set lower and alarm gets armed. If you prefer to use your phone or ipad, you can use the touch screen to activate individual devices or entire scenes. In addition, we provide ongoing service to our customers and help them evolve with the technology. We don't just install and leave it to them to figure out. We help to program, service and maintain our installs.

Most people think computers and TV's but what other areas do you cover?

Smart Home

Security (alarms, cameras, motion sensors, door and window sensors), thermostats, lighting, air quality, fans, irrigation, door locks, garage doors, doorbells, outlets, switches, shades, speakers, solar and solar storage utilizing Tesla Powerwall.

What are the most popular services you install?

Every job is different and custom tailored for the client. It depends on what the client focus is...Security? Entertainment? Energy efficiency? Convenience?

What are one or two of the coolest projects you have created?

Every project we complete! There are new devices being added all the time and we are continually amazed at what this platform is capable of. Our latest project incorporating solar and solar storage resulting in a beach home powered by the sun and controlled by your voice is truly groundbreaking. When you come in the door and say "I'm Home!" the shades roll up, the temperature gets set to 70, the lights come on, the fireplace turns on, the TV turns on and favorite music starts playing. Conversely, when you say "Good night" the house shuts down into power saving mode to minimize the draw on the battery that has stored access energy from the sun during the day and runs the house at night.