Guest Post - 5 Nursery Décor Tips That Your New Baby Will Love

Are you expecting or looking to revamp your little one’s nursery? While we want our little ones to love it, let’s be honest—secretly nursery décor is really for the tired, sleep-deprived parents. You want a space that is both welcoming and calming that both you and the baby enjoy being in. One of the biggest trends in nursery décor is to keep it gender neutral, which means minimizing the baby pink and baby blue and picking a color scheme that is appealing no matter what gender your little one is. If you’re ready to turn your nursery into the oasis of peace that you’ve been dreaming of, here are 5 nursery décor tips that your new baby will love. 

Call on Nature


Bringing nature inside is a popular choice for nursery décor. The beauty of this is you can take it as far as you want. You can channel your inner Mariah Carey can get giant stuffed safari animals, or you take it in a different direction by choosing a statement wall with wallpaper covered in palm leaves. If doing something as bold as a statement wall isn’t for you, you can still bring nature into your baby’s room. Actually adding green plants into your nursery décor not only helps you bring nature into the room but can have health benefits as well. Certain plants, such as Boston Ferns, Areca Palms, Spider Plants, and Snake Plants are good at purifying the air in your baby’s room and are safe as they are non-toxic. You can also opt to go for natural, light finishes on wood furniture and natural materials such as hemp fiber storage bins. 

Be Bold

Gone are the days of pastels and fluffy animals. Modern nursery trends make use of bold colors to create a welcoming vibe in the room. To keep the room from getting too busy, it’s important to stick with a certain color family or group of colors. One popular option is jewel tones, such as sapphire, ruby, or emerald, coupled with gold. Another unique option is to go with the classic Kelly Green. Did you know green is one of the most calming colors? It is best paired with yellows and blues. These colors go together given their proximity to each other on the color wheel. The pairing of the yellows and blues with the Kelly Green make an excellent combination. This décor tip can easily be paired with any of the others on this list to make a truly stunning nursery design. However, it’s important to remember that you want to design your space so that it is calm and appealing to you even on those sleepless nights. 

Make it Pop!

Let’s face it, it is easy to go overboard with colors. To help you pull the whole look of your nursery together take advantage of neutral colors. Follow this rule: 10% color and 90% neutral. This will help keep you from overwhelming yourself with colors. (This is especially important if you are going with bold colors). One fun way to do this is to keep your walls the neutral color—white, light grey, eggshell, beige, and so forth. Then add your color in with your furniture and other accent pieces throughout the room. The crib where your little one will dream sweet dreams? Paint it Kelly Green! Your Curtains? Go with a navy and white pattern. And for your baskets, pillows, linens, and such go for a combination of greens, blues, and yellows. The possibilities are truly endless. Just make sure to stay within a select group of colors and keep the majority of the room neutral. The best part about this is that this works whether you are decorating a nursery for a boy or a girl. 

Go Minimalistic

Minimalism is a growing trend so it’s no surprise that it’s on our list of décor tips for your new baby’s nursery. Applying this trend to your nursery means keeping things clean and simple. To achieve this look you simply need less. This means fewer toys, less furniture, and fewer accessories and gadgets to clutter the room. Achieving this can prove to be difficult, especially with all of the lists out there telling you all the “must haves” for your nursery. Decide whether you really need the full-size crib AND the changing table. In short, you only need the things you really need—the essentials for your baby and maybe a few small wooden or stuffed toys. Anything beyond that really and you begin to lose the minimalistic look and feel that can create a calm, soothing environment in your little one’s nursery. However, there are things that you want to make sure you do have, such as window treatments that darken the room, lighting that can be layered, and a good nursery chair.

Geometric Patterns

If you’re looking to bring playful energy into your new baby’s nursery, then this décor tip is for you. Geometric patterns are being brought into nursery designs more and more as a way to add visual interest. It’s easy to find the perfect piece for your nursery with a geometric pattern on it, whether it is a wallpaper with triangles or circles, or a carpet with zigzags or stars, such a piece can help pull your design together. Other popular geometric patterns include arrows, crosses, squares, stripes, rectangles, and diamonds. These patterns can be used with your accent colors (think a blue zigzag carpet in a neutral colored room) or can be used within the neutral colors themselves (think two-toned beige striped walls), so have fun with it. But be advised, using too many different patterns can be overwhelming. Try to stick to one or two that you really love.  

It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

baby and dog

As a soon-to-be parent or a new parent, there are countless things that you can worry about. Your nursery design shouldn’t be one of them. Find a piece that you really love that speaks to who you are as a couple and what you want for your little one and go from there. You can use these five décor tips to help you. But the most important thing to remember is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Even if you don’t have all the artwork you want on the wall or you can’t find just the right linens, don’t worry. Once your sweet little one is mooning away in their crib, the last little design details won’t matter. Relax, have fun, and create a space that you enjoy that you can share with your bundle of joy!

Author Bio: Jules Hopkins is a writer and editor. She enjoys writing about home decor, DIY projects, and renovations, as well as gardening and lawn-care.