Guest Post - Interior Design Inspiration: Color in Nature 2019

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Popularity seems to change all the time. Color trends are no different. Sky blue colors might be very popular one year. Then suddenly natural colors and earth tones seem to become a much more popular choice. That’s the situation going on in 2019, because natural earth colors are all the rage these days.

What constitutes earth tones? Well, your typical clay colors, purple, green, and brown definitely fit the bill. But to be more specific, there are various shades and color palettes that make up the beautiful natural colors that so many people seem to be keen on this year.

Which natural earth tones are the trendiest in 2019? If you’d like to learn the answer to this question, we suggest you keep reading to discover the most popular examples of the natural colors everyone is gravitating toward right now.


This gorgeous color fits the bill because it’s natural, it’s golden, and it certainly creates shiny and positive vibes. And even better, it’s one of the more popular colors that really seem to be in style right now.

The fashion world initially glommed onto the honeycomb popularity train. They rediscovered why so many people love this rich, bright, inviting color. And it didn’t take too long for the home design industry among others to catch on to this exciting trend.

As you undoubtedly know, there are a number of different shades of honeycomb to choose from. You can use this color to accent a room or you may want your bedroom or child’s bedroom to have the bright golden color dominating the space. It’s up to you.

Or maybe you prefer honeycomb cabinets in your kitchen. This exciting color really stands out and brings life to dull rooms. So it’s an excellent option that is bold, daring, and a great way to celebrate life and fill it with warmth, positive energy, and lots of natural light.

Soft Clay


This color is definitely turning heads in 2019 because so many people are interested in adding soft clay to their color scheme. When you paint or purchase accents in this color, your home develops an earthy feel like no other. Plus, it’s a much better choice than average and ordinary beige or brown accents that tend to make up the overall color palette in many of today’s modern homes.

Guess what? Soft clay is a great addition because of its ability to blend with typical browns and beiges. This mix creates an elegant, welcoming, and casual feel in just about any area of your home.

So, if your goal is to make a room feel much more welcoming and inviting, then you definitely need to add soft clay to your color scheme mix. By filling your home with this natural delight, it’ll bring joy and happiness to everyone in your life that spends time in your home.

Gray Green

Gray Green

Some people seem to like gray green colors and others seem to prefer other more popular shades. But if this color is one that you happen to enjoy, and it fits with your current color scheme, you’ll definitely appreciate its beauty and elegance. Even more important, in the home it helps provide a relaxing, calming, and soothing effect throughout the entire household.

Do you want to know another interesting thing? When you add gray green colors to your bedroom, it really gives the entire space added flair and excitement. Even better, it’s a very attractive color and it’s both masculine and feminine in nature, so it will go good in in your bedroom no matter what gender you happen to identify with.

So, quit playing around and add gray green shades to the mix. You can paint your ceiling gray green, or paint the wooden window sills this color. Or just add it by bringing gray green accents into your room.


This exciting color is very popular these days. Why? It’s available in many different shades and it provides an inviting and warm tone throughout the household. Plus, hazelnut is a very attractive creamy color that fits in just about any home’s interior.

Are you trying to change the ambience in your home? You could add hazelnut flooring, accents, or cabinets in your kitchen, living room, or any other room for that matter. It will create a measure of elegance and charm that you just can’t get from your typical browns and beiges.

Bottom Line

Home design trends are constantly in flux. And popular colors go in and out of fashion faster than you can count to five. But if you’re looking to give your home a natural and gorgeous look and feel, adding earthy colors definitely makes the most sense. So begin painting or adding earth colored accents to your home now and enjoy the peaceful, elegant, and friendly feelings that they provide.


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