Guest Post - Homeware Ideas for a Luxe Dining Experience


If you like to indulge in luxury dining at home and enjoy hosting dinner parties to impress your guests then you need to think carefully about your dining room décor and how you decorate your dining table ready for when they arrive. 

You can be incredibly creative with your homeware on the dining table to make it look stunning, so try a variety of colors and styles, depending on the food you are serving and the season outside. There are so many options it can become confusing but making the best impression on your family members and dinner guest is not that hard. 

For this post we asked our friends from to give us their ideas on how to achieve a luxe dining experience. 

Use flowers

While not strictly homeware, a beautiful selection of flowers in a simple vase can really bring a touch of luxury to your dining table and will be a talking point for your guests. Keep it simple with white blooms and green leaves, or match the flowers with your color scheme. If you don’t want to have a large floral display in the middle of the table then why not give each guest their own small vase with a selected single flower. 

Update for the seasons

Whether it’s a Christmas meal, Thanksgiving, or a birthday celebration, you can update your tableware with seasonal themed homeware such as candles and garlands to bring your dining area in line with the season and create new scents to change the atmosphere. 

Don’t be afraid of patterns

Try using patterns and prints for example, go for bold patterns on napkins, or cutlery with bold colored handles. Use napkin rings with patterns on them, or go for dinnerware with a subtle pattern against a plain tablecloth. 

Use different shapes and sizes

Try using different shapes and sizes of glassware on your dining table, including water glasses, shot glasses and champagne flutes, depending on the occasion. Try using different sizes of plates and bowls together to provide contrast and interest at the table. 

Try using flatware

For a really high end luxury look go for gold flatware to use under your guests’ plates and for serving your dishes onto. This metallic finish just cries luxury. If gold isn’t your colour then black flatware can provide a similar opulent look with added mystery. 

Do up the room 

Once you have your tableware sorted, you need to make sure the surrounding room also represents the luxury you are trying to achieve. A simple way to add to a room without costing a fortune is to add a rug with a nice color and pattern. A deep pile plush rug brings luxury under foot. 

Try wallpaper

While it might be considered old-fashioned, using stunning wallpaper can really bring a luxurious feel to a dining room and you can tie the patterns and colours in with your curtains and tableware for a really pulled together feel. 

Stunning lighting


A stunning light feature can really add some opulence and luxury to your dining room. Think about gold and black light fittings to make your guests feel at home but impressed at the same time. Try one central pendant, or use several corner up lights, depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create. 

Luxury seating

If your dining chairs are boring then try adding a touch of luxury to your guest’s seating by changing the cushion pads or by using chair covers, they don’t have to just be for wedding parties. If you can, then swap out your chairs altogether for a set of more impressive designs which your guests will love. 

Update your artwork

The final touch to make your dining area really luxurious is to update your walls with some high end artwork. You don’t have to spend a fortune, just choose a large bold piece that is impressive and unique; don’t go for prints that can be found in every furniture store. Scour second hand and charity shops for items that can be reframed or cleaned up to become impressive.

Creating a really luxurious dining experience needn’t cost a fortune or require a complete overhaul of your whole dining room. Just adding one or two homeware pieces like a new central lighting feature, or even just a beautiful flower display can make any drab dining room look stunning. 

Dressing your table in a creative way with colors, patterns and different styles of china and glassware will also bring your table to life and enable you to create a luxurious feel for any occasion. Owning a variety of sets will enable you to dress the table up or down according to the look you want to create. 

Even just adjusting the smallest things like the color and style of the napkins, or the flat plates, can make a big difference to the way your dining experience will go. 

Author Bio: Jane Aldridge is a freelance writer for Such & Such. She has been contributing to other sites for the 4 years since she finished her writing degree. When she is not working on an article she can be found volunteering in her local library, reading to kids during Story Hour. She lives in Bath with her cat, Mr. Tinkles.