Guest Post - 6 Designer Tips for a Comfortable and Cozy Home

Having a home where you can relax and not have to worry about a thing is something many home dwellers have strived to achieve. 

Regardless of the size of your house, a slight change in the décor of your home can greatly influence your emotions. Which means that giving your home a makeover, with items that are appealing and soothing for one’s eyes, can enhance the positive feelings of anyone being surrounded by that ambience. 

If you too wish to have the best comforts provided by your house, let us assist you. Below we have written some of the tips that can help you create a home where comfort and coziness are in full bloom. 

Get Creative with Shelves 

Shelves can be counted as ideal storage places. They help in creating more space around the room, and they keep your collected items in plain sight for you to take them out or put them back in whenever you want. And it wouldn’t hurt if you're going to add a touch of creativity to it. 

Having a shelf, occupying at least one side of the wall, will not look overbearing- well as long as the shelf isn’t filled to the brim with overflowing items. One of the best aspects of a shelf is that it is not limited to only storing books in it. 

And even if you do have a lot of books to keep on the shelves, you can always change their positions by placing some books vertically and some horizontally. You can also add a few showpieces of your choice or potted plants next to the books. 

Add Warm Lighting 

Warm blankets, soft pillows with warm lights, illuminating the room, is the perfect combination to get yourself a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. 

You can recreate that look in any or every room depending on which one you are most likely to go to, and relax at. You can put up some fairy lights around the ceilings or have them hanging on the walls. If you feel like emphasizing the warmth even more in a room with bland colors, you can add variety in the lighting such as using candles, bulbs, fairy lights, etc. in one place for more illumination. 

Also leave the cushions, blankets, and pillows in a clutter. This way, it can make people feel like they can sit and relax wherever they want amidst the warm and cozy environment. 

Get Creative on the Walls 

The walls of your home are the canvas of your personality. You can go all out in decorating this space based on the things you love and the things you want your guests to see. 

There is a variety of things you can experiment with, on your walls. If you are an artist, you can start up your personalized art gallery. You are free to choose whether you want to frame your artworks and hook them on the walls or simply stick them on as they already are.

You can even place your family photos or hang ornaments with unusual appearances to give that unique vibe and dynamic quality which looks extraordinary yet soothing to the eyes.  

Update the Textures 


Texture partnered home decoration pieces give more than just comfort. Pillows, rugs, and wall hanging with textured patterns provide a three-dimensional aspect and more depth to your room. 

With the right combinations, you can instantly change the look of your home for the better. Fabric textures such as cashmere and velvet work well with animal prints, winter-themed patterns and even bold and bright color tones. 

An example can be by keeping your coffee table as a focal point by opting for a wood-based material. You can further add a table runner and placemats- preferably of neutral texture. Choosing linen napkins for the table set can also increase the appeal of its appearance.    

A Touch of Green 

One of the best ways to bring back life into the house is by giving way to Mother Nature and let the plants take root in your home. 

Plants can be kept anywhere in the house whether it be your kitchen, your room, or even your bathroom. And what’s even better is that you can customize the pots according to your tastes. You can choose warm shades such as terracotta or brass tones. You can also choose to have them in a basket made of seagrass for a more natural effect. 

You don’t have to worry about bugs either. Many plants ward off bugs, and if you want to place plants near your bedside, you will find that there are several home remedies for bed bugs that you can use to stay clear of any bug infestation. 

If you aren’t good at taking care of plants or have to travel away from home for days, then you can also opt for fake plants. They can look just as good as a real plant, and you don’t have to worry about watering them now and then either. 

Don’t Forget The Rugs!


For the ideal relaxing home makeover décor, having a few rugs around the house is an absolute must. These luscious pieces of fabrics practically scream warmth and comfort. A wooden or tile floor can be great investments, but they can get real icy during the winter season. 

Having rugs around the house increases the warmth and comfort of the place. You can easily swap places from sitting on the sofa to sitting on the floor. Your comfort is therefore not comprised, and you can quickly wrap them back up and store them in closets when the weather becomes warmer. 

Closing Note 

Comfort should always be the topmost priority. And the benefits of a comfortable home are not only pleasing to the guest but to you, the owner, as well. The above tips are just some of the ways you can live in your ideal home where stress and sadness are the last things on your minds. 


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